The Real Champion: DeSantis Recognizes Swimmer Who Lost to Lia Thomas as True Winner


The state of Florida is recognizing a woman who came in second place to Lia Thomas as the real winner of the competition.

On Tuesday, Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a declaration recognizing Sarasota, Florida, resident Emma Weyant as the true champion of the NCAA 500-yard freestyle swimming event she competed in.

Weyant came in second place to Lia Thomas, a biological male, in the Friday event. Thomas has competed in women’s swimming as a transgender woman.

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Gov. DeSantis touted his signature of legislation that protects women’s sports from transgender interference.

Florida’s law, enacted in June, bars biological men from competing in women’s sports entirely.

The NCAA has threatened to strip sporting events from Florida in response to the law, demanding that women’s competitions be opened to transgender athletes.

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In his proclamation, DeSantis rejected the premise of transgender participation in women’s sports.

“Florida rejects the NCAA’s efforts to destroy women’s athletics, disapproves of the NCAA elevating ideology over biology and takes offense at the NCAA trying to make others complicit in a lie.”

DeSantis also touted Weyant as a Florida native, pointing to her accomplishments in academics as well as sports.

Weyant, who swims for the University of Virginia, has avoided commenting on Thomas’ controversial rise to dominance of women’s swimming.

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Thomas’ competitors appeared to give him a cold shoulder during an award ceremony following Friday’s women’s swimming championship.

Reports have indicated that Thomas considers himself a new Jackie Robinson figure, in a dishonest reference to the first black Major League Baseball player.

Biological males, such as Thomas, have innate advantages over women in nearly any sport.

Even after receiving hormone replacement treatment, transgender women are likelier to have more muscle density and stronger bones than biological women.

States across the country have moved to safeguard women’s sports from transgender entryism.

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