Reminder: Governor Linked to Racist Photo Won Election by Slamming Opponent for Racism


Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is under fire for a racist photo from his past, but he was quick to slam Republican nominee Ed Gillespie as racist in 2017.

Gillespie was running against Northam in the 2017 Virginia gubernatorial election, and Northam relied on the left’s typical accusations of “racism” and “bigotry.”

The Republican candidate was strong on crime and illegal immigration, especially with regard to sanctuary cities and the barbaric MS-13 gang.

Northam — who intially apologized for being in the photo but has since backbpedaled on the admission, according to Fox News — used Gillespie’s stance on border security as an opportunity to falsely characterize him as a racist.

“VA is an inclusive and diverse community — we won’t put up with Ed Gillespie’s racist rhetoric and fearmongering,” Northam tweeted in October 2017.

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Also in October 2017, the Latino Victory Fund, which supported Northam, released a sickening ad that implied Gillespie wanted to hunt down immigrant children.

That didn’t age well.

On Friday, a shocking new photo surfaced from the governor’s medical school yearbook in 1984. The photo depicts a man wearing blackface next to someone in a Ku Klux Klan outfit.

Northam apologized for the photo and acknowledged that he was one of the racist figures in the photo.

“I cannot change the decisions I made, nor can I undo the harm my behavior caused then and today, but I accept responsibility for my past actions,” the governor said in a Twitter video.

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It’s absolutely disgusting that Northam slammed his opponent as “racist” while having his own inarguably racist past.

Do Democrats just use "racism" claims to win elections?

It’s also disgusting that Democrats are only coming out against Northam now instead of condemning him when he essentially advocated infanticide earlier this week.

Northam’s implied support for killing babies who’ve been born should garner more outrage than a decades-old photo.

Regardless, it’s good that Democrats are finally learning what kind of person Northam is.

Slimy politicians who are more than willing to throw stones from a glass mansion should know that those rocks can hurt them, too.

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Malachi Bailey is a writer from Ohio with a background in history, education and philosophy. He has led multiple conservative groups and is dedicated to the principles of free speech, privacy and peace.
Malachi Bailey is a writer from Ohio with a passion for free speech, privacy and peace. He graduated from the College of Wooster with a B.A. in History. While at Wooster, he served as the Treasurer for the Wooster Conservatives and the Vice President for the Young Americans for Liberty.
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