Report: Foreign Official Warns Russia Is Planning Public Executions


A European intelligence official believes the Russians have shocking plans for the aftermath of the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

Bloomberg’s UK political editor cited an anonymous European official on Thursday who believes the Russian occupiers plan to conduct public executions in Ukraine after cities are captured.

Kitty Donaldson also says that the Russian Federal Security Bureau is planning tactics to crush demonstrations against Russian occupation, including the jailing of protest leaders.

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The Russian government has repeatedly indicated that it intends to “denazify” and demilitarize Ukraine.

Public executions have precedent in warfare, with Nazi Germany utilizing similar tactics to terrorize partisans resisting occupation.

Is this shocking claim true?

Only terrorists and criminals such as ISIS have utilized them in recent memory.

Such barbarism would likely draw even further condemnation from the nations of the world, damaging Russia’s reputation even further.

Russia has already rendered itself an international pariah as a result of its invasion of Ukraine.

So-called intelligence officials are often prone to making dramatic claims that later prove to be false, raising questions about the veracity of the claims Bloomberg is reporting.

An FBI agent fired from the agency for political partisanship repeated the European intelligence official’s claims.

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Propaganda has abounded from both sides amid the fog of war, with wildly varying estimates of casualties and differing claims about the outcome of military engagements circulating.

Ukraine’s ambassador to the United Nations has slammed the Russian invaders as “war criminals.”

Ambassador Sergiy Kyslytsya has said that Russian war criminals will go “straight to hell,” pointing to civilian casualties Russia’s invasion has created.

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