Report: Joe Biden Quotes Communist Mass Murderer Mao Zedong During Fundraiser


Whether it was another inexplicable gaffe, a Freudian slip of the tongue or a political coming out is up for debate, but former Vice President Joe Biden reportedly quoted Chairman Mao Zedong on Monday, a mere week after the Democrat vowed to radically transform the country.

Whether or not the Democrats’ presumptive nominee for the White House has lost his marbles is between him, his doctor and his campaign.

But what the country is quickly learning about Biden is that the candidate, who was once viewed as the party establishment’s preferred moderate, has pivoted left amid a China-born pandemic and social and racial unrest initiated by the May 25 death of a black man whose neck was knelt on by a police officer for nearly nine minutes during an arrest.

The country’s crises have galvanized both major political parties and have sent Democrats, including Biden, to the far left.

As if to provide further evidence of that, Biden could find no more appropriate 20th century figure to quote Monday than Mao Zedong, the murderous former leader of the Communist Party of China.

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“We’ve got to get real economic relief into women’s hands now,” Biden said during a digital campaign fundraising event with former Obama administration senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, according to a pool reporter from The Atlantic.

Biden then cited “an old Chinese proverb,” per the outlet’s Edward-Isaac Dovere, and said, “Women hold up half the sky.”

The former vice president reportedly used the Maoist phrase (whether he knew it came from Mao or not is uncertain, though it’s not the first time Biden has used the phrase) to reflect on the economic struggles of American women during the coronavirus pandemic.

Fox News reported Mao uttered the words of the so-called “proverb” 70 years ago, following China’s revolution.

The phrase “Women hold up half the sky” is common in communist China, and has appeared on propaganda in factories, the Washington Examiner reported.

Interestingly, Breitbart News reported that Biden adviser Anita Dunn has previously praised Mao as being one of her two “favorite political philosophers” — the other was Mother Teresa — though she later backtracked and claimed she meant the reference to be ironic.

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But Biden’s use of the phrase is worth noting, considering that a) he said last week that, if elected, he intends to “transform” America, and that b) we know at least one of his operatives previously suggested she saw redeeming qualities in a mass murderer.

“We’re going to beat Donald Trump. And when we do, we won’t just rebuild this nation — we’ll transform it,” Biden, or whoever runs his Twitter account, tweeted July 6.

You don’t get much farther left than vowing a transformation amid a culture war and quoting a 20th century Chinese communist dictator.

Do you think President Trump will be re-elected?

The media will stretch any statement, symbol or other happenstance to connect Republicans, especially President Donald Trump, to Nazi Germany and its late, homicidal maniac dictator, Adolf Hitler.

For example, Americans were told this week that eagles are apparently racist when embraced by the Trump campaign, simply because Germany’s Nazi party embraced the majestic birds beginning in the 1920s.

(So did the ancient Romans, for what it’s worth.)

Eagles have also been part of American culture since the country’s founding.

Thanks for the reminder, USA Today.

If leftists can stretch a connection between Trump and 20th century mass genocide, the media will help them.

But Biden’s quoting of a dictator with a higher civilian body count than either Hitler or Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, and the complete lack of outrage in the media, reminds us once again about the stakes of the upcoming election.

Citing the “Black Book of Communism,” the Heritage Foundation noted in 2010 that “an estimated 65 million Chinese died as a result of Mao’s repeated, merciless attempts to create a new ‘socialist’ China” last century.

Even if you think lower estimates are more accurate (historian Frank Dikötter, author of the book “Mao’s Great Famine,” has estimated that Mao was responsible for 45 million deaths between 1958 and 1962), it’s undeniable that Mao’s policies killed tens of millions.

Mao, who succeeded in creating a nation that still oppresses its citizens today, may very well be revered by at least one person in or near Biden’s inner circle.

And as recently as Monday, Mao was reportedly being quoted by the former vice president himself.

The left is waging a war against American culture, using the Black Lives Matter movement as its vehicle, and America’s leftist institutions are supporting them.

Patriotic Americans, led by a patriotic president in Trump, are up against Marxist street operatives, fascist anti-fascists, potential mail-in voter fraud, Hollywood, Big Tech, the majority of the media and apparently swaths of American professional sports figures.

The 2020 election is a binary choice, not between which party will lead the country for four years, but which ideology will dictate the direction of American life.

At least right now, it seems there are few traditional liberals left in American politics.

Most have been purged from the party, which has embraced an odd blend of fascist anti-fascism, Marxism and so-called democratic socialism.

Biden may be viewed in some circles as a “moderate” Democrat.

Yet his reported comments from Monday reveal that he either has few qualms about invoking the memory of a communist barbarian when campaigning, or that he’s simply ignorant when it comes to the true context of the words leaving his lips.

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