'Ridin with Biden' Horse Comes in Dead Last at Famous 2023 Pegasus World Cup


Biden had a rather embarrassing moment on Saturday, but not the Biden that you are thinking of.

In this case “Biden,” refers to the racehorse, “Ridin with Biden,” which raced in the 2023 Pegasus World Cup in South Florida on Saturday, and had a less than stellar showing.

According to Horse Racing Nation, prior to the big race, “Ridin with Biden” had been predicted by experts to take third place, but that is not what happened.

Instead, the horse “Art Collector” overcame 15-1 odds and won a shocking upset victory, beating out one of the favorites, “Defunded” to win the title.

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And what about “Ridin with Biden”? Well after being expected to come in third place, “Ridin With Biden” instead finished dead last.

One Twitter user pointed out how prophetic it seemed that in a race of 13 horses, the one that finished last was named “Ridin with Biden,” seeing it as a metaphor for Joe Biden’s job performance as president.

Has Biden destroyed America?

Now, granted, in the grand scheme of things it is just a horse race. But it is hard to not see the embarrassing performance of a horse named Biden as a microcosm of the disaster that has been the Biden presidency.

When Biden became president, he was billed as a competent liberal leader, who would unify and heal the nation after four years of a “divisive” Trump presidency.

Much like the horse named after him, there were high hopes that he would accomplish a lot as president, but instead, he failed miserably.

The country has frankly become a disaster on his watch. On the domestic front, inflation has hit record levels, gas prices have risen sharply, and crime is at never before seen numbers.

In addition, we are seeing a large surge in illegal immigrants streaming across the southern border, and the Biden administration’s policy has been to ignore it and deny that a crisis is taking place.

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The picture on the international front is even less rosy. Since Biden took office, he has presided over catastrophic foreign policy failures. One was the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan in the summer of 2021, which left several American citizens and allies stranded in the country and left weapons in the hands of the Taliban.

Another is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which some believe had been encouraged by Biden’s disastrous pullout of Afghanistan. Not to mention, the increasingly hostile stance that China is taking with regard to Taiwan is making the possibility of World War III a common topic of conversation.

These are only a few of the failures of the Biden administration, but they serve to give an idea of just how disastrous his presidency has been so far for America and the world.

Is it any wonder then that a horse with “Biden” in its name came in last at the Pegasus World Cup? It actually seems rather fitting.

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