Rob Wasinger: What's Next for Dems Determined To Defeat Trump?


The truth that was apparent to political insiders from the beginning can now be publicly acknowledged: Democratic leaders and big donors scrambled to shore up public support for Joe Biden at the last minute before Super Tuesday not because they thought he was the strongest candidate, but because they desperately needed to stop rogue candidate Bernie Sanders from destroying the party as they know it.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter, because once the party bosses kicked Bernie to the curb again, they lost the appeal to his voters to support their establishment choice as a nominee.

Now that Biden, conveniently relegated to his basement during the COVID-19 crisis, has served his purpose as a placeholder while they reasserted their authority over the Democratic hierarchy, some of them would love to quietly dispose of him before his doomed candidacy sinks the rest of the party in November.

The fact is, few Democrats would throw a fit about replacing their party’s obviously weak presumptive nominee at this point.

Not only has Biden performed pitifully in his virtual “basement campaign,” but his deficits as a strong leader who could bring America out of the current crisis, as well as his growing vulnerabilities on the #MeToo front, make him particularly ill-suited as a challenger to Trump.

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The rampant speculation by some insiders about replacing Biden reveals a party in turmoil that has yet to find its way in the Trump era.

The president has effectively remade not only his own party, but the opposition party as well.

In reaction to Trump, the Democratic Party has degenerated into a maelstrom of race and gender posturing and deranged anti-Trump conspiracy-mongering.

Whatever voters think of Trump, that’s not a formula for electoral victory against an incumbent president.

Do you think Joe Biden will still be the Democrats' nominee?

The blatantly hypocritical reaction to Tara Reade’s sexual assault accusation against Biden on the part of prominent party leaders — who just yesterday were insisting that we “believe women” accusers regardless of corroborating evidence — makes it painfully apparent to voters that Democrats have been exploiting the #MeToo movement all along for their own political purposes.

Granted, it’s been a difficult trick to pull off given that the sexual exploitation of women by powerful men has always been a disproportionately liberal problem (e.g., Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, the Kennedy family, et al.).

Despite their poorly concealed hope that the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated social and economic chaos would prove to be the long-awaited Waterloo for their nemesis, President Trump, it’s dawning on dispirited Democrats that they must orchestrate some sort of switcheroo of their own nominee before November.

Otherwise, it will be four more years of the man who has driven them and their party into an increasingly demented state.

But even if they are able to dump poor old Joe before it’s too late, Trump still has an ace in the hole.

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Bernie Sanders voters who wish to oppose the internationalist, corporatist establishment; who desire to protect American workers; and who want to hold China responsible for the abhorrent and irresponsible thuggish behavior that has led to an unprecedented historic disaster are going to have a hard time supporting a Democratic Party that has long served as China’s enabler.

That leaves those voters with the same options they had four years ago of either staying home or holding their noses and voting for Trump.

Neither outcome bodes well for Democrats, even if they pull the rug out from under Biden in a desperate attempt to salvage their chances in November.

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Robert Wasinger served in senior advisory and liaison roles in President Donald Trump's campaign and transition team after extensive experience on Capitol Hill.