S***holes and Socialism: Canada Refused to Treat Exotic Parasite, Then US Steps in


A young couple from Canada just got more than they bargained for during a vacation to the Dominican Republic.

What was supposed to be a romantic getaway ended up being a lesson about those famous “s**thole countries” you’ve been hearing so much about — and a warning about socialized medicine at the same time.

According to CTV News, the trouble began when Katie Stephens and Eddie Zytner from Windsor, Ontario did something most people don’t think twice about: They went for a walk on the beach.

The problem was that the beach was in the Dominican Republic, the Hispanic country that shares half an island with Haiti.

“For a lot of our trip, we found that we were scratching our feet quite a bit,” Eddie Zytner explained to CTV. “Sand fleas we had heard about so we kind of assumed it was that at first.”

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After they returned home from their trip, however, the severe itching didn’t improve. Instead, their feet started to swell and bumps appeared. The condition got so bad that it was difficult to walk.

The couple decided to go to the doctor — after all, Canada has amazing “free” health care, as the left is constantly reminding everyone. Those professionals were not much help.

“Zytner said the first two doctors he saw at the hospital weren’t sure what was causing the symptoms on his feet and sent him home with bandages,” CTV reported.

“The pair went to the hospital on the fourth day home from their trip where they were checked by a third doctor who was able to recognize the condition. He had seen a similar case from a tourist who had recently returned home from a trip to Thailand,” the news station continued.

Would you ever vacation to the Dominican Republic?

After going through three doctors, the couple was finally diagnosed. It turns out that their Dominican vacation had a very un-romantic conclusion.

“Stephens and Zytner had contracted larva migrans, commonly known as hookworms, which are parasites that can enter the skin if it comes in contact with an infected surface,” stated CTV.

“The couple said they believe they came into contact with the parasites while walking barefoot on the beach at their resort.”

Here’s the part liberals are really going to hate: Hookworm is spread from human fecal waste. Locals had likely been relieving themselves on the beach.

“Hookworm eggs are passed in the feces of an infected person,” explained the U.S. CDC. “If an infected person defecates outside… eggs are deposited on soil.”

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Yes, it turns out that Trump’s oh-so-racist comment was accurate after all: This Canadian couple had to go to the hospital three times because the place they visited was literally a “s**thole country!”

It gets worse. Canada’s “model” socialized health care system ended up being so incompetent that it wouldn’t even allow Katie Stephens and Eddie Zytner to be properly treated, even though harmful parasites were invading their bodies.

“In terms of treatment, the couple was told they could take a drug called ivermectin,” CTV explained. “Their doctor sent Health Canada a request for the medication, as it’s not licensed in Canada, which included their case files and photos of their feet.”

The Canadian government’s response? Request denied, too bad.

“We found out that Health Canada had denied our request to receive the medication saying our case wasn’t severe enough. At that point, that’s when we freaked out a little,” admitted Stephens. Isn’t government-run health care great?

Their solution: Leave socialized Canada and cross the border into the United States. “Zytner’s mother had to drive to Detroit [Michigan] and pay CAD $88 to pick up the medication for the couple,” the news explained.

“Thank you Canada for your lovely health care you provide for us!” Katie Stephens sarcastically posted on Facebook, along with an angry face.

Maybe the American way isn’t so bad after all.

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