Rush Limbaugh: While Media Obsesses Over Trump, Government Bureaucracy 'Is Being Dismantled'


The fourteenth administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency joined CBS Evening News last week to discuss the current state of the institution.

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh aired his thoughts on the interview, stating that “the bureaucracy/the administrative state is being dismantled,” by Pruitt. However, the feat is largely being ignored as coverage from “the Drive-By Media” is laser-focused on President Donald Trump’s every move.

Therefore, Limbaugh took it upon himself to point out Pruitt’s agenda on his radio show “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” and call attention to a non-sequitur CBS Evening News host and White House correspondent Major Garrett was using in an apparent attempt at baiting Pruitt — a tactic many Democrats and left-wing media outlets use when discussing environmental protection with conservatives.

“Bingo! And this is the classic leftist setup. The straw dog that private businesses — corporations — are evil, and they’re destructive, and they want to harm customers and damage the planet,” Limbaugh said.

Referencing Pruitt, Limbaugh continued, “And this guy’s saying, ‘No, no, no. We don’t look at it either/or. We’re gonna do both. We’re gonna focus on the environment and business because we can,’ and they are.”

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The “straw dog” pitting industry against environmentalism Limbaugh is referring to came during the interview when Garrett asked Pruitt to elaborate on his philosophical approach to the EPA.

“What’s the philosophy here?” Garrett asked. “Do you want to protect business at the EPA or do you want to protect the environment?”

Pruitt responded by stating, “It’s not … I mean, our focus here should be on stewardship.”

“There are others who also wonder about those who have come from industry who in leadership position here. Why should the American public be comfortable with someone coming from industry and into this agency?” Garrett returned.

Do you think industry and environmentalism can coexist in our economy?

“I don’t buy the paradigm, Major,” the current head of the EPA said, disagreeing with the premise being used by Garrett — a premise that asserts industry and economics must be separate from nature and the environmental protection.

“This paradigm that says, ‘We have to choose industry over environment or the environment over industry’ is the old way of thinking,” Pruitt said.

He added: “We should not start from the premise that all people are that way or all industry is that way.”

The EPA chief’s statements last week mirror remarks he made to EPA employees shortly after he was sworn in as EPA administrator in February 2017.

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“I believe that we as an agency, and we as a nation, can be both pro-energy and jobs and pro-environment,” Pruitt said in an address to EPA employees. “But we don’t have to choose between the two.”

And in August 2017, USA Today reported that a report from the EPA showed that capitalism and environmentalism can coexist effecively if administered properly.

“The U.S. leads the world in having clean air and a strong economy due to implementation of the Clean Air Act and technological advancements from American innovators,” the EPA’s Trends Report stated.


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