Rush Limbaugh: Democrats' Response to Trump SOTU Revealed Ugly Truth About Them


Speaking on his radio program Wednesday, host Rush Limbaugh broke down why Democrats and the mainstream media were so hostile to President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, despite the vast majority of Americans showing approval for his speech.

The conservative commentator, referencing Trump’s take on the strong state of the economy and his use of guests with powerful stories, said it was “maybe the best State of the Union speech I’ve ever seen.”

While a CBS News poll found that 75 percent of respondents approved of the speech, Democrat lawmakers showed their apprehension by continually sitting and never clapping at moments when Trump delivered seemingly non-partisan, positive news about the U.S.

Limbaugh pointed out that the media appeared befuddled, believing that the Republican president was going to use his first address to reach across the aisle, but instead heard Trump move forward with his agenda.

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“In the CBS/YouGov poll, 97 percent of Republicans liked it, 72 percent of independents, 43 percent Democrats,” Limbaugh explained on his program. “This is more than just ‘do you like the speech?’ This is ‘approve the message.’ Eighty percent of Americans said they believe Trump was trying to unite the country.”

The public’s reaction was a far cry from what many in the media framed the speech to be.

“I wasn’t surprised, but I was amazed. It didn’t matter which network I watched. The initial reaction from most of the commentators was that Trump blew it! That Trump did not unify, that he didn’t even attempt to unify, that he didn’t reach across the aisle, the White House must have lied to us all day today,” Limbaugh said.

The radio host pointed out the monumental difference in reaction between media pundits and the average viewer, adding that they couldn’t see what most Americans could see.

Did you enjoy President Trump's State of the Union speech?

Democrats — and members of the Congressional Black Caucus — notably sat down and stayed quiet when Trump spoke on black and Hispanic unemployment numbers, which currently stand at record lows.

“Who would not want to celebrate the unemployment rate dipping to an all-time low? Who would not want to unify behind the idea that African-American and Hispanic unemployment is at a record low? Who would not want to unify and be thrilled by and excited by and supportive of the president’s report last night in general of the state of the union, which is kick-butt?” Limbaugh asked.

“And yet there were the media and there were the Democrats thinking that Trump had failed, the White House had lied, and, as such, it was a dud of a speech.”

Not only did they sit through the president’s talk of positive economic news, but they had a quiet reaction to many of Trump’s guests who dealt with heart-wrenching experiences.

“Their stories, who they are, the achievements, the adversity that they overcame is distinctly, uniquely American. It is why they were chosen. They were chosen to inspire! The young man from North Korea waving his crutches, the single best statement against North Korea and a positive statement for the people of North Korea that could ever be made,” said Limbaugh.

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Despite this, many Democrat lawmakers sat through the whole thing.

“And it wasn’t that they just sat through all of it. They looked befuddled and confused and angry. During stories and illustrations of the greatness of America, they genuinely seemed befuddled by it. They were looking at each other in a confused way, and it wasn’t just because the entire Republican side was standing and applauding. They don’t get it. Telling great stories about America,” Limbaugh stated.

Trump’s address to Congress won high praise from most Americans.

According to a CBS News poll, 75 percent of respondents said they approved of the speech Tuesday night, and only 25 percent said they disapproved. An overwhelming majority of Americans who tuned in felt that Trump was trying to unite the country, not divide it. Two-thirds of respondents said the speech made them feel proud and one-third said they felt safer.

The speech also broke a ratings record, becoming the most watched State of the Union address in seven years.

Roughly 45.6 million viewers tuned in to watch Trump speak, surpassing the last six addresses to Congress given by former President Barack Obama.

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