Samaritan Saves Woman after Being Hit by Drunk Driver. But Then 'Angel' Disappears


Jessica Logsdon and her best friend were driving home around 10:40 p.m. on a Friday evening when they saw a car flying towards them.

A drunk driver had crossed over the median and slammed straight into the side of their car. “I was terrified,” said Jessica.

Both Jessica and her friend did not seem to be hurt, but the collision was nevertheless a heart-stopping one.

Jessica quickly fumbled for her phone to call her mom, hysterically crying and screaming once she picked up.

Jessica soon realized that she was trapped inside of the car, and she and her friend began to panic even more. The car was quickly filling with smoke.

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But then a stranger appeared at her door. “Can I do anything?” the mysterious woman asked. She also asked if anyone had been hurt.

The woman then turned off the car for Jessica and asked if she wanted to get out of the car. After realizing they were stuck, the woman pried the door open by herself.

“She was like the incredible hulk, and basically opened the door,” Jessica later said. But as soon as the woman pulled to door away and unbuckled Jessica’s seat belt, she left.

Minutes later, Jessica’s mom, Lena Longsdon, arrived at the scene to find her daughter sitting outside of the car on the ground.

“She’s still screaming, still panicking, ” her mom said. “There’s no one there. This woman who helped her’s not there.”

Police soon arrived and arrested the woman who was driving drunk. She has since been charged with a DUI.

Jessica had no idea why the woman left. “I was like okay, maybe it was an angel,” she said. But now Jessica is tracking down the woman in hopes of thanking her.

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“It shows that she was a very nice person and very caring and loving and for her to help me even though she didn’t know who I was, that shows what kind of person she really is.”

It was dark during the time of the accident, and Jessica could only see that the woman had a ponytail. She has brought the story to local news outlets in hopes of finding her good Samaritan.

She has left a message across the news for her “angel,” hoping to simply say thank you for her heroic action.

“I just want to meet you,” Jessica said, “and thank you and give you a giant hug because if it wasn’t for you I don’t think I would’ve gotten out of the car.”

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