Samuel L. Jackson Blasts Kavanaugh, Hollywood Photos Surface Pointing Straight to Hypocrisy


When most Americans look for intelligent commentary on important political decisions, opinionated actor Samuel L. Jackson isn’t the first person they think of.

Nevertheless, the Hollywood actor, whose claim to fame is loudly saying the “F-word” as often as possible, has decided that the country was missing his take on the controversy over a sexual assault allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh stemming from the early 1980s.

After the Supreme Court nominee defended himself in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday against completely unproven claims of misconduct from 35 years ago, Jackson jumped on Twitter to slam the nominee.

The foul-mouthed actor re-tweeted a parody video that intercut Kavanaugh’s testimony with a clip of Jackson in the movie “Pulp Fiction” seeming to angrily question the judge.

“Funny as hell,” commented Jackson, “but there’s nothing funny about his Lying Fratboy Ass!!!”

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Check out the re-tweet here. (WARNING: GRAPHIC LANGUAGE)

Yes, apparently an actor whose main gig is appearing in R-rated movies knows with certainty what happened in a Maryland suburb in the early 1980s, even though the accuser herself can’t reliably explain it and all of the witnesses she’s named say it didn’t happen.

Will Hollywood is going to regret the way liberals are treating Brett Kavanaugh?

Somebody get Samuel L. Jackson to Washington, fast! America needs his testimony.

After the actor declared Kavanaugh a “lying fratboy,” Jackson doubled down on the accusation in a follow-up tweet. “Apologies to you Fratboys that aren’t liars & rapists, I cast that net a lil bit wide,” Jackson posted on Friday.

If merely being accused of something from decades ago with no evidence makes you guilty, what does surrounding yourself with accused sexual harassers say?

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That’s the question that conservative pundit Jim Treacher brought up on Saturday. In a series of tweets, Treacher posted numerous photos of Jackson posing happily with many men accused of sexual assault — some of whom have had much more solid evidence brought against them than the gossamer case against Kavanaugh.

There was Kevin Spacey, who has been credibly accused of sexual assaults, including a case involving a minor. Even Hollywood shunned him, although there are signs that the entertainment industry — perhaps including Jackson — knew about his twisted tastes for many years.

How about the photo of Jackson grinning next to mega producer Harvey Weinstein, who has been repeatedly accused of sexual harassment, assault and rape?

Then there’s Jackson with Matt Lauer, the disgraced NBC host who was pushed off the air after facing serious claims of sexual harassment, with many disturbing details. As with Spacey and Weinstein, there’s evidence that people in the industry knew what was happening for a while, but said nothing.

On and on Treacher went, posting photos of Jackson grinning with a list of accused sexual harassers. (Granted, the evidence against some is sketchy, but no case is sketchier than the one against Kavanaugh.)

Here’s the bottom line: Trial by mob and guilt by association are dangerous things, yet are both being celebrated with shocking enthusiasm by many on the left.

If we don’t believe in presumption of innocence and due process, then we have nothing left. Throw away those tenets of true justice, and we’re back to kangaroo courts and anarchy.

Samuel L. Jackson and other like him may want to ask one simple question. What happens if they’re next?

It’s surely enjoyable for liberals to see a conservative they despise — Kavanaugh — be put through the wringer and forced to defend his entire life to the point of tears. But once the fundamentals of justice are stripped away, any one of us — or them — could be next.

If tomorrow a woman accuses Jackson of raping her a decade ago, what is his plan? In a world where we must “believe all women” no matter the evidence, and force the accused to magically prove that something didn’t happen, Jackson will have dug his own proverbial grave.

Society has valued justice and the even-handed court process as a foundation of civilization for centuries. Liberals may be obsessed with tearing everything down, but the erasure of this principle will lead to absolute chaos.

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