Sarah Huckabee Sanders Unloads on NYT Writer With Worst Prediction in 2017


Though he once described himself as someone “right about everything,” The New York Times’ columnist Paul Krugman, an economist by trade, has in reality been wrong quite often, including on the day after President Donald Trump won the election last year.

On that day, he penned a spurious op-ed claiming that the then-plunging markets would “never” recover and predicting that “we are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight.”

Now fast forward to Friday, when, with only a few days remaining before the end of the year, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders roasted Krugman on an open fire for his stunningly erroneous prediction.

“Greatest story of the year: booming @realDonaldTrump economy. Worst prediction for the year:,” she wrote in a tweet Friday that contained a screenshot of Krugman’s absurd column:

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Well done. To really appreciate Sanders’ sly jab at Krugman, however, you’ve got to understand how arrogant the man happens to be.

For starter’s, he’s previously written, “I (and those of like mind) have been right about everything,” and likewise denounced anyone who disagrees with him as members of the so-called “Always-Wrong Club.”

Humility is clearly not his strong suit. Neither is precognition, for that matter.

According to conservative Scottish historian Niall Ferguson of The American Spectator, for instance, Krugman “wrote about the imminent break-up of the euro at least eleven times between April 2010 and July 2012.”

Yet as 2018 dawns, the euro appears to be doing OK. Whoops.

But even liberals like those at The New Republic have taken note of Krugman’s proclivity for making false predictions, with one contributor, William Greider, pounding the snooty economist into dust a couple years back for having “gravely misled the American public on how to think about free-trade globalization.”

“As threatening losses and dislocations accumulated for the US, the celebrated economist was like Voltaire’s Dr. Pangloss, assuring everyone not to worry,” Greider wrote. “Pay no attention to those critics dwelling on the dark side of globalization, he said. Economic theory confirms that free trade is the best of all possible policies in this best of all possible worlds.”

We now know for an indisputable fact that the unrestrained globalization supported by Krugman and other liberals — including former President Bill Clinton — cost America hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Whoops again, I guess, right?

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That said, these predictions pale in comparison to the one he posted after Trump’s election, when he warned America that doom and gloom awaited them under its new president.

Apparently, he uses a different dictionary than everybody else, because the definition of doom and gloom known to the rest of us certainly doesn’t include record-high consumer confidence, employment and stock market performance.

I’m guessing he uses the “Always-Wrong Dictionary,” but who knows?

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