Schiff Accused DHS Insider of Lying to Congress, Still Accepts 'Whistleblower' Complaint from Him


Rep. Adam Schiff, the Democratic chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, said he was concerned that Department of Homeland Security official Brian Murphy intentionally gave misinformation to Congress — but he still allowed Murphy to file a whistleblower complaint.

Murphy’s complaint alleged that DHS was trying to downplay information pertaining to Russian interference in United States’ elections and that DHS and the White House wanted to put more focus on meddling by Iran and China.

Those two countries want former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee, to win the November election, while Russia would prefer to see President Donald Trump re-elected, according to reports from within the intelligence community.

In July, Schiff put out a statement saying that Murphy “may have provided incomplete and potentially misleading information to Committee staff during our recent oversight engagement.”

Murphy was reassigned at the end of July from his position as head of the DHS intelligence branch because his office tracked journalists when monitoring civil unrest in Portland, Oregon.

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In the whistleblower complaint, he claimed that he was demoted due to internal disagreements with the administration.

Despite Schiff’s belief that Murphy was a liar, he now wants to use the DHS official’s complaint as the jumping-off point for another investigation into the Trump administration. On Thursday, the California Democrat indicated he wants to interview DHS officials based on Murphy’s claims.

Schiff is proving once again that he is desperate to dig up damaging information on the president.

In February, Schiff and his fellow House Democrats attempted to remove Trump from office over a phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky because Trump asked about Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and his financial dealings while on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings.

Democrats claimed the phone call was a quid pro quo, meaning that the president was going to give Ukraine military aid in exchange for dirt on his political rival.

Trump was impeached by the Democrat-majority House but acquitted on both charges by the Republican-majority Senate.

Prior to the impeachment trial was the two-year-long special counsel Investigation, led by former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

The investigation looked into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, particularly to see if the Trump campaign colluded with Russian officials to help him win.

When the Mueller report was finally released in April 2019, there were no major findings that revealed that Trump was directly colluding with Russia.

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As someone who used to volunteer for Schiff’s Republican challenger, Eric Early, I can honestly say that the congressman is too busy trying to take down the president and has neglected his own district in the process.

The 28th Congressional District is based in Los Angeles County, which is suffering a major homelessness crisis and high crime rates, neither of which Schiff has tried to change.

He would much rather play politics than fight for the people he represents.

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