After Seeing What Book Teacher Offered Their Child, Parents File Child Endangerment Complaint


A teacher in Illinois who tried to force the LGBT agenda on her students resigned after parents filed a police complaint against her for child endangerment.

Sarah Bonner, a middle school teacher in Heyworth, south of Bloomington, tried to portray her actions as benign during an interview with NBC News.

But anyone who has been paying attention in recent years has seen an uptick in confused kids who are suddenly and alarmingly declaring themselves as transgender.

The rise in children expressing a desire to permanently alter their bodies and minds is, of course, coming from adults who have created and are pushing a culture of perversion.

Adults whose jobs historically have been to send kids in the right direction are now leading them to operating tables and hormone therapy.

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Bonner told NBC News she was simply trying to expose her middle schoolers to diversity in March when she made available to them a 320-page abomination called “This Book Is Gay.”

“I wanted to give them a smattering of fiction and nonfiction to choose from on a day that we call ‘Reading Monday,'” the veteran teacher said. “We just read and celebrate books.”

Neither NBC nor Bonner described what is in this piece of literature – and there is almost certainly a reason for that.

On Amazon, a description for the book reads: “Lesbian. Gay. Bisexual. Transgender. Queer. Intersex. Straight. Curious. This book is for everyone, regardless of gender or sexual preference. This book is for anyone who’s ever dared to wonder. This book is for YOU.

“This candid, funny, and uncensored exploration of sexuality and what it’s like to grow up LGBTQ also includes real stories from people across the gender and sexual spectrums, not to mention hilarious illustrations.”

“This Book Is Gay” provides graphic descriptions of topics such as “the ins and outs of gay sex” that are not appropriate for young people who aren’t even old enough to drive.

Bonner passed around the book in class on a Monday in Match and one student snapped a few photos of it to show parents.

Those parents phoned the police.

“By Wednesday, I received notice that parents had gotten a hold of pictures from that book that their child had taken in class,” Bonner told NBC. “By Friday, I was told that parents had filed a police report against me for child endangerment.”

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She was put on leave.

Rather than explain her position or apologize for an error in judgment, Bonner resigned from a two-decade teaching career because she complained she “didn’t feel safe.”

In reality, it appears as though this woman is another “woke” activist who got busted trying to corrupt children.

Not only does “This Book is Gay” show kids how to have gay sex, but it also explains to them topics such as how to “eat poop” during such acts.

Should woke teachers be held accountable for their actions?

One self-described gay Amazon reviewer whose purchase of the book was verified wrote: “WHY does the ‘Cheat Sheet’ section with vocabulary words include ‘Scat: Eating poop’… There are multiple reasons why NOT to get this book or put it in your school library.”

Anyone whose agenda is to explain gay poop-eating to middle schoolers doesn’t belong around children.

It’s not known whether police intend to do anything about Bonner’s actions, but at least she’s out of a job. The school board accepted her resignation, and hopefully she is on to something far from educating children.

Bonner and teachers like her are quickly learning that parents nationwide are wising up to what is being taught to their children and will not tolerate people who attempt to transform them into deviants.

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