Self-Professed 'Feminist' Male Comedian Aziz Ansari Responds to Accusations of Sex Assault


Add the name Aziz Ansari to the list of high-profile celebrities accused of sexual misconduct.

In an interview with, a woman by the name of Grace described a disastrous date that she had with the 34-year-old last September that ended with Ansari allegedly violating her physically.

Anzari responded to the accusation’s telling Babe, “I was surprised and concerned,” after learning how the woman really felt about the September encounter.

“In September of last year, I met a woman at a party,” Ansari said in a statement. “We exchanged numbers. We texted back and forth and eventually went on a date. We went out to dinner, and afterwards we ended up engaging in sexual activity, which by all indications was completely consensual.

“The next day, I got a text from her saying that although ‘it may have seemed okay,’ upon further reflection, she felt uncomfortable. It was true that everything did seem okay to me, so when I heard that it was not the case for her, I was surprised and concerned. I took her words to heart and responded privately after taking the time to process what she had said.”

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The “Master of None” actor then professed his support for the various anti-sexual harassment movements taking place across the country, saying that “It is necessary and long overdue.”

Ansari’s response came just days after which reportedly featured the award-winning actor repeatedly ignoring multiple verbal and physical cues that expressed Grace’s disinterest in engaging in sexual activities with him.

“I know I was physically giving off cues that I wasn’t interested,” she claimed. “I don’t think that was noticed at all, or if it was, it was ignored.”

Ansari allegedly stuck his fingers down the woman’s throat multiple times and repeatedly asked her to engage in intercourse after she had told him multiple times to “relax” and “chill.”

“It was 30 minutes of me getting up and moving and him following and sticking his fingers down my throat again,” she said. “It was really repetitive.”

At one point, the actor allegedly told the woman that he had to show her something in another room, however, he proceeded to walk her to a large mirror and ask her again for sexual favors before allegedly physically violating the woman again.

“I just remember looking in the mirror and seeing him behind me,” she recalled. “He was very much caught up in the moment and I obviously very much wasn’t.

“After he bent me over is when I stood up and said no, I don’t think I’m ready to do this, I really don’t think I’m going to do this,” she continued. “And he said, ‘How about we just chill, but this time with our clothes on?’”

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When they returned to the couch, Ansari allegedly shoved his fingers down the woman’s throat again, prompting her to call herself a ride and leave.

The next day, Ansari reportedly sent a text message to the woman, saying “it was fun meeting you last night.”

Grace responded by telling the actor how she truly felt about the previous night.

“Last night might’ve been fun for you it wasn’t for me,” adding that “I just want to take this moment to make you aware of this behavior and how uneasy it made me.”

She continued: “I want to make sure you’re aware so maybe the next girl doesn’t have to cry on the ride home.”

This was reportedly the last time Grace saw or heard from Ansari — that is until she saw him accepting an award at the Golden Globes while wearing a “Time’s Up” pin — a black and white accessory actors and actresses used to promote the anti-sexual harassment initiative that shares the same name.

“It was actually painful to watch him win and accept an award,” she told Babe. “And absolutely cringeworthy that he was wearing the Time’s Up pin. I think that started a new fire, and it kind of made it more real.”

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