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Senior Dog with Broken Tail Found Collapsed on Dirty Mop, Kind Rescuers Step In To Save Her


One dog is proving that it’s never too late to get a fresh start.

Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization in Los Angeles, recently received an alarming emergency text. Accompanying the text was a video, in which a senior dog with a broken tail seemed to be in considerable pain.

The dog was wandering in traffic before she couldn’t bear to walk any longer. She finally collapsed onto a dirty mop behind a fence.

The hunchbacked dog was lying on the mop when a Hope For Paws rescuer located her. He jumped into action, camera rolling.

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After seeking permission from the property owner, the rescuer approached the small dog, which was nestled between a car and a wall. Realizing that a net would be too large for the narrow space, the rescuer decided to use a gentle snare to capture her.

The dog immediately woke up, but didn’t attempt to bark or run. Instead, the exhausted dog laid back down to resume napping.

“In my imagination, she was dreaming about her rescue and how her life turns to be amazing, and at the moment she woke up and I had a loop around her,” the rescuer wrote on YouTube.

Feeling a special connection with the lost dog, the rescuer decided to name her “Pipa.”

Vida Tuch, who originally alerted Hope For Paws to the emergency, helped to fasten a leash around Pipa. When the rescuers carried her to the car, she seemed to perk up at the notion of being rescued. She even started wagging her broken tail.

After ensuring that Pipa wasn’t microchipped, the Hope For Paws rescuer created a soft bed for her in his front passenger seat. Pipa thanked him with a heartfelt lick.

Having just received another emergency call, the rescuer invited Pipa along for the ride. Together, they rescued Corey the cat before visiting the hospital.

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Once there, doctors discovered that Pipa was suffering from a spinal infection. She had also lost a digit on her paw while dodging traffic in busy Los Angeles.

After a much-needed stay in the hospital, a bath and proper treatment, she was ready to find a new home.

Lionel’s Legacy, an organization dedicated to finding homes for senior dogs, agreed to shelter Pipa. With renewed hope and restored health, Pipa is now looking for a forever home.

“She is a funny gal who has a deformed back foot and a bit of a hunch back but she doesn’t let it stop her. She’s only about 8-9 years old too!” Lionel’s Legacy wrote on Facebook.

Pipa will no longer have to resort to sleeping on mops — her future is full of treats, love and soft beds! We wish Pipa the best and hope she finds the perfect home to rest and play in.

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