A Senior Policy Adviser Under President Obama Has Pleaded Guilty to Sex Crimes... Media Silent


A White House official for former President Barack Obama has pleaded guilty to heinous sex crimes, but the mainstream media has gone radio silent about it.

William Mendoza, 42, was a senior official for the Department of Education, specifically as an executive director for the White House Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education. In 2016, he stepped down from his position after being arrested and charged with attempted voyeurism.

On four separate occasions, Mendoza attempted to take photos and videos up women’s skirts in July 2016 without consent.

The former official was also caught looking at a video of a woman getting changed in a dressing room, however, it is not known if he took the video himself. All of these incidents reportedly took place on Washington D.C., subway trains and platforms, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

On July 5, 2016, Mendoza took two photos of women “in close proximity to their bottom” at Union Station Metro.

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And on July 7, 2016, Mendoza was spotted behind a woman at McPherson Square Metro station, according to a witness. The woman pulled her dress to cover her legs when she noticed the cellphone light emitting from Mendoza’s phone, according to police documents.

Mendoza reportedly sprinted out of the platform after being spotted. However, on July 7, Mendoza was caught viewing a video of a woman in her underwear changing in a dressing room.

Then, on July 8, the White House official was spotted leaving the platform at Farragut West Metro station and following a woman onto the escalator. He then placed his phone “near the bottom of her dress” according to documents. He then reportedly walked off the escalator, spotted another woman, then followed her onto the escalator before snapping another photo.

In August 2016, the Washington Metro Transit Area Authority Police Department opened an investigation into Mendoza, and a few months later, the Office of the Inspector General concluded their investigation into Mendoza’s behavior. Shortly thereafter, Mendoza resigned.

Do you think liberal media is deliberately keeping silent about Mendoza's sex crime?

Documents obtained by the Daily Mail reveal that the photos and videos were taken on government-issued iPhones, and occurred while Mendoza was using a travel card funded by taxpayer finances.

Mendoza, who is married, resigned from his position before the Department of Education could launch an investigation into the incident.

In January 2017, he pleaded guilty to the charges and was handed a 90-day sentence, a fine of $100 and one year of probation.

His lawyer, Paul Y. Kiyonaga, revealed that the disgraced former official “has taken responsibility for this charge of attempted voyeurism.”

“He’s received treatment for the underlying issues that gave rise to this incident, and, with the strong support of his family, is moving forward productively with his life,” Kiyonaga added.

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The Daily Mail noted that Mendoza, who is part of the Oglala-Sicangu Lakota tribe, was a prominent figure during the Dakota Access pipeline protests alongside his wife, Heather.

At the time of his arrest, Mendoza was reportedly earning $140,000 in his position, according to The Daily Caller.

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