Sex Offender Convicted in 2006 Rediscovered with Big Hand in Far-Left Kids' Event - Soon He'll Be Off the Registry Completely


While the left was busy celebrating “pride month,” another case of pedophilia, this time by a Minnesota communist activist, was revealed on June 21.

Lucas Alan Dietsche, a national director in a kids group, previously committed sexual crimes against children in Wisconsin, The Post Millennial reported.

The Canadian publication’s editor-at-large, Andy Ngo, also an investigative journalist known for covering antifa, revealed that Dietsche was found guilty in 2006, according to the Wisconsin sex offender registry.

After being charged with the “use of a computer to facilitate a child sex crime,” Dietsche served two years in prison. He will remain on Wisconsin’s sex offender registry until 2030.

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Dietsche was also charged with attempting to entice a child for sexual conduct and attempting a second-degree sexual assault of a child, but those charges were dropped in 2006.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Dietsche serves as the National Director of Transformative Justice for Save the Kids from Incarceration. The social justice group says it strives to end “the school to prison pipeline” and free all incarcerated youth.

With a track record like his, how was Dietsche hired for the job? Why was nobody alerted to his sex offender status?

While leftist activists champion LGBT rights and worship at the altar of sexual and gender identity for one month, criminal pedophiles continue to commit their disgusting acts — with what seems to be few bringing attention to the problem. Or in Dietsche’s case, he holds a job where he works with kids.

Should Dietsche continue shaping American youth?

Furthermore, some parents disregard the safety and well-being of their children by bringing them to drag shows and pride parades.

One method that pedophiles use for grooming children is desensitizing them to sexual content. A common example of this is exposing minors to pornography and nudity, according to Psychology Today. Other examples include teaching sexual education and using lewd language. All of these things are present at events like those listed above.

It’s important for parents to know who they are leaving their children with.

It’s bad enough that kids may be brought to sexually explicit events. But what happens when actual sex offenders are somehow involved in these said events?

This is why minors should not be exposed to sexual content before an appropriate age.

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No wonder we keep seeing stories like this.

The Post Millennial did not report any recent instances of Dietsche’s criminal actions.

If his past offenses were not indicative enough of his character, he is also involved in an antifa group called the John Brown Brigade of Mankato, located in southern Minnesota. The group promoted a children’s story hour in honor of Juneteenth.

Dietsche also “helps send radical propaganda, books and birthday cards” to the imprisoned youth, according to the Save the Kids website.

So, a convicted pedophile who advocates for social justice and anarchic violence happens to work at an organization where he interacts with kids. What could go wrong?

The fact that more stories like this are coming to light shows that the left has a recurring issue with pedophilia — one that won’t go away when that political end of the spectrum continues to support the sexualization of children.

Though pedophiles are not included in the LGBT community, the way the leftist agenda is being pushed it may not be so difficult for one to imagine a time when they are added to the group’s ever-growing acronym.

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