Shelter at Loss for Words After Sad Pup Is Returned for 8th Time in a Row

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When a 4-year-old Labrador mix named Ren walked through the doors of Edmond Animal Services in Oklahoma, employees were dismayed.

It was the eight time that young Ren had been surrendered, each time from an adoptive owner who had promised to keep him forever.

Ren’s story started in November of 2015 when he was brought to Edmond Animal Services because his current owner already had one dog and could not keep another.

From there, Ren shuffled between homes and was returned eight times, always through no fault of his own.

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“We have tried, each time, to communicate to potential adopters that Ren needs a secure fence, sufficient exercise and play, and an assertive owner,” the organization wrote on Facebook. “Each time, adopters convinced us they understood and were fully prepared to provide him with what he needed. Yet, each time, he’s been returned — mostly because he was not properly confined.”

In sharing Ren’s story, Edmond Animal Services pleaded with potential adoptees to carefully consider the dog’s needs before adopting him, asking people not to make an emotional decision based on their pity for the dog, but a logical, rational decision based on the feasibility of actually providing an environment that would work for Ren.

They pleaded with viewers to only consider Ren if they could provide a forever home that would hold true to the meaning of the word.

“Not ‘forever, until ____’ or ‘forever, unless____’ or ‘forever, except ____’ home. Ren needs a ‘FOREVER, NO MATTER WHAT’ HOME,” they said. “And not just because someone feels sorry for him, but because he is a wonderful dog and will be someone’s best friend and we know everyone needs a best friend – including Ren.”

The social media plea worked, and within just two hours, Edmond Animal Services staff announced that Ren was adopted by two gentlemen who adopted another dog from them two years ago.

“It happened!!!” the organization wrote. “Ren just got adopted by these great guys who have another dog they adopted from us two years ago! We told them they’ll be famous now!”

Viewers who have been following Ren’s story are hopeful for the occasional update on the dog, who will finally get to learn the meaning of forever.

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