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Sheriff Stops Approaching Train so Rescuers Can Save Badly Injured Pit Bull by Tracks


You’re driving down the street, headed to work or to the gym or some other place you frequent. The drive is routine: everything always looks the same, and you zone out as you pass by familiar sights.

But then something catches your eye — something that is different. There’s a dog walking along the train tracks at the side of the road, with no human in sight.

Your heart is immediately tugged by the wandering pooch. He glances at you, wide-eyed and doubting, and you stop your car.

He’s kind of a scary-looking dog. His coat is a mottled gray and he has the cropped ears and stocky build of a pit bull.

Carefully, you walk up to him and talk to him in a soothing voice. He stands stock-still, watching you, then turns and bolts.

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As he takes off, you can see that his shoulder is torn wide open, the skin hanging in a flap against his leg.

That’s something like what some good Samaritans experienced when they found a lost pit bull wandering along a busy set of tracks.

Knowing this was more than they could handle on their own, they immediately called Hope For Paws, a well-known rescue group that helps in the most dire circumstances.

The sheriff was also contacted, as the would-be rescuers knew the tracks were active but had no idea when another train would come roaring through.

Warning: Video contains images of the dog’s graphic shoulder wound

Because the tracks were fenced in on both sides, the dog was mostly trapped. The good Samaritans stuck around to help when Eldad and Loreta of Hope For Paws showed up.

Eldad had them hold a soccer net up to block the wounded pit bull’s path as he tried to corner it against them. As he and Loreta approached with gentle leads, trying to snare the frightened dog, he saw right through their plan and squeezed past the man holding the net against the fence.

Then Eldad and Loreta had no choice but to run around the other side, where Loreta managed to catch the dog with her lead. The pit bull quickly calmed down despite his rough shape, and they took him to the vet for immediate attention.

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Once at the vet’s, they discovered that not only had the dog’s shoulder been sheared through, his jaw had also been broken. While no one is quite sure what happened, being on the train tracks, it’s possible that he had a run-in with a train or car — something much bigger than himself.

The pup was dubbed “Hulk,” and a few brief days after life-saving surgery, he started opening up and thanking his rescuers with a shower of kisses.

While he has clearly had a rough life in some respects, Hulk is better and looking for a family to love him forever. He is safely in a foster home, but his rescuers are looking forward to him having a life off the streets.

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