Sick Leftists Get 'Rest in P**s' to Trend on Twitter After Rush Limbaugh's Death


Twitter leftists mocked legendary radio host Rush Limbaugh just moments after news of his death broke on Wednesday, and briefly trended the term “Rest in P–s” on the platform.

Limbaugh, 70, lost his grueling battle with aggressive lung cancer, his wife Kathryn Limbaugh announced. While Rush was quickly honored by conservatives and other people who value life and discourse, the leftists who troll social media came out of the woodwork to sling arrows and share their jubilation.

WARNING: the following social media posts contain vulgar language and sentiment that mocks the death of a Christian and conservative icon.

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Twitter apparently manipulated the trend to take it down, perhaps in a rare show of respect for the conservatives it wants banished from its platform. Maybe the Big Tech leftists wanted to hide what we all know resides on its servers, which is hate — and not from the right.

But these heartless, antagonistic hedonists remain online smearing a man who will forever be remembered while they will be forgotten. They were gleeful to celebrate the death of a 70-year-old man who lost his battle against cancer — all because they didn’t like his show or his opinions.

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It really demonstrates how morally bankrupt the far left in this country has become.

Limbaugh had a gift that he thankfully shared with the world. For many conservatives, his voice was synonymous with growing up and being entertained while simultaneously becoming armed with a deeper understanding of the complex issues of the world.

Did you listen to Rush's radio show?

That voice is irreplaceable, and will be forever missed by decent people — or even people who have boundaries with regard to how low they are willing to stoop to “own” a political adversary.

In perhaps what is one final gift from a man who spent his life giving us his mind, Limbaugh reminded us of the evils conservatives face — even in death. His passing shows us that it isn’t our ideas the leftists hate — it’s us.

They hate all of us, equally, as much as they hated Rush. But the most iconic man to ever speak into a radio microphone on a daily program never capitulated to them. He never apologized to them for how he saw the world. It wouldn’t have mattered if he had.

The left’s nihilists would have reacted the same way they are right now, had he ever given them an inch. Thankfully, he never did.

Rush showed us for decades what strength looked like as he fought the horrid ideas of these abhorrent people and their flawed ideologies. He motivated countless others to take up that fight and share their passion for the country.

In his last year, he showed us what courage looked like as he went on fighting. He fought the good fight until God called him home at the conclusion of his personal battle.

If he were on-air right now, Limbaugh would probably tell us to ignore the words of the cretins and to preserve our dignity — and to get out and vote next year.

He’d probably also tell us to pray for the souls of those whose black hearts have led them to such a dark place.

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