Singer Joy Villa Explains Why She Wore That Pro-Life Dress for This Year's Grammy Awards


Joy Villa revealed in a Wednesday op-ed the personal reason she wore a dress depicting an unborn baby in the womb at the 2018 Grammy Awards over the weekend.

In a Wednesday op-ed for Fox News, Villa recounts that she became pregnant at 20 years old and was pressured to get an abortion by the nurse who delivered Villa’s positive pregnancy test.

She told me, “We can do it now, it’ll make it all go away. I’ve had several abortions, in fact, all three of my daughters have had several. You are too young to have kids. This is the best choice for you,” the nurse reportedly told Villa.

Villa said she was shattered, and couldn’t stop crying because she had a baby growing inside of her, but was overcome with shame and guilt.

“I was penniless, far from home and trapped in an abusive, toxic relationship with a man who had become a shadow of what he once was,” Villa posits.

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She added that her partner began beating her, and after she found out she was pregnant, she knew she needed to take action to exit the relationship and come up with a positive solution for the child.

After choosing to carry her baby to term and give the child up for adoption, Villa hopes to inspire other women to do the same and realize that they have other options besides abortion.

“Having life giving options like adoption can empower women to do what they feel is right,” Villa wrote, (emphasis hers). “Consider adoption. Consider life.  Consider carrying your baby to term, and placing your unborn child with a caring, nurturing, happy family.”

Villa says she wore her eye-catching gown to celebrate the life of her daughter and recreate the sonogram she received when she was eight months pregnant.

Do you like Joy Villa's fashion statements?

She encouraged other women facing similar situations to be strong and know that the can endure even through the hardest of times.

“You will survive this. You will make it through.  And you absolutely, 100 percent, deserve all the happiness and love in the world. You’re so much stronger than you know,” Villa wrote.

Twitter users commented on her fashion statement.

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Villa also wore a statement “Make America Great Again” dress to the 2017 Grammys, perhaps paling in comparison only to her song about making America great again.

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