Smug Obama Gets Earful from Woman Whose Husband was Murdered in Gun-Free Zone


Former President Barack Obama has thrown himself into the gun debate, and — to nobody’s surprise — has come down firmly against the Second Amendment.

In a recent Op-Ed piece published by Time Magazine, Obama joined Parkland survivors, including David Hogg, in bashing the National Rifle Association and its millions of law-abiding members.

“They see the NRA and its allies — whether mealymouthed politicians or mendacious commentators peddling conspiracy theories — as mere shills for those who make money selling weapons of war to whoever can pay,” Obama wrote

Yes, civilian sporting rifles are now “weapons of war” despite not being used by any major army on the planet, and five million NRA members are nothing but “shills.”

Tell us how you really feel, Barack.

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The fact the former president sees NRA members only as politicians or conspiracy theorists is a pretty good sign he’s never actually sat down and talked to American gun owners. If he did, he might learn a few things.

And Nikki Goeser is one citizen who’d like to give him an ear full.

Like the Parkland school students, Goeser witnessed a tragic crime. One of her closest loved ones was murdered nine years ago. Instead of demonizing the gun used in that crime, however, Goeser took a different approach.

“I’ve witnessed carnage myself Mr. Obama,” she wrote on Twitter in response to the Time article.

“However, after witnessing my stalker gun down my husband, I didn’t blame guns,” she explained. “I blame the murderer & those lawmakers who thought a ‘gun-free zone’ would keep us safe. All it did was prevent me from defending us.”

Her next line was clearly directed at Obama.

“I am no shill,” she declared.

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Goeser was being literal when she said “gun-free zones” kept her and her husband from defending themselves. At the time of the murder, she was licensed to carry a concealed handgun, but couldn’t do so legally because of restrictive gun laws.

“In 2009, Goeser’s stalker, Hank Wise, shot and killed her husband, Ben,” according to a report by Independent Journal Review. “Despite being a concealed carry holder, because of the designated ‘gun-free zone’ they were in, her firearm was locked inside her vehicle.”

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“I followed that law, but my stalker did not,” the widow told America’s 1st Freedom. “Despite this horrific experience, I never blamed the object that was used by an evil man to kill my husband.”

Goeser understands something that seems to escape so many liberals — criminals do not follow gun laws or respect gun-free zones. Law-abiding citizens do, and that means that they end up defenseless.

Ironically, Obama likely knows “gun-free zones” don’t actually create safety, but he won’t admit it. Think about it; Obama hasn’t been in an actual gun-free zone for nearly a decade.

Since the moment he became a nominee for president, Obama has been surrounded by men with guns virtually everywhere he goes. He, like all presidents, has round-the-clock Secret Service protection for life, to say nothing of the helicopters and SWAT teams on standby to protect his every move.

Armed protection for me, but not for thee — it’s the kind of elitist hypocrisy that so many Americans are fed up with, and brave women like Goeser are leading a wave of citizens who refuse to be told they cannot defend themselves.

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