Spectators Furious After Biden's Incompetence Ruins America's #1 Golf Tournament for Them


The Masters golf tournament has long billed itself as “a tradition unlike any other,” and one would be hard-pressed to find a golf fan who disagrees with that assessment.

While there are many aspects of the Masters that make it special, one of the most important is dependability.

Whenever April rolls around, golf fans know they count on the hard-working employees at Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia, to provide an incredible experience. The azaleas are always in full bloom, and every blade of grass is meticulously manicured. The Masters prides itself on providing as close to a perfect tournament as humanly possible.

Another thing fans can depend on when they set foot on the grounds at Augusta is the fact that the same affordable and delicious concessions will be available each year.

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Among the most popular items on the annual Masters menu are pimento cheese, egg salad and chicken salad sandwiches. All of those options were available once again this year, but there was one notable absence from the menu.

According to Golf, the Masters was unable to provide the coveted Georgia peach ice cream sandwich due to “supply chain issues.” Reporter James Colgan initially announced the news on Twitter.

Colgan explained that a young concessions worker broke the news to him during the Augusta National Women’s Amateur, which traditionally takes place the Saturday before the Masters.

“The girl tasked with delivering the message couldn’t have been older than 16, which was perhaps by design,” Colgan wrote. “Sixteen-year-olds don’t frequently incite riots.”

That may be an exaggeration, but not by much. People love the peach ice cream sandwich, as evidenced by the response Colgan heard from others when they got the news. They included “Oh my goodness, you’re kidding!” and “You’re not serious, right?”

“Without the ice cream sandwich, the Masters simply isn’t the Masters as we have come to know it,” Colgan lamented.

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Twitter users mourned the loss as well, with some suggesting it would ruin the entire tournament.

In addition to removing the ice cream sandwich from its menu, the Masters was forced to raise some of its famously low prices for concessions because of inflation. Colgan reported that sandwiches including ham and cheese and chicken salad had gone up by 50 cents each.

This increase likely did not break the bank for most people, but 50 cents is a pretty significant bump, given that the total price of the sandwiches is just $3.

Of course, most of the public responses to these issues are exaggerated for comedic effect. As popular as the ice cream sandwiches are, life will go on without them, even if it’s a little less sweet than before. Paying an extra 50 cents for a sandwich is not the end of the world, either.

With that said, wider supply chain issues throughout the U.S. are far darker.

The Georgia peach ice cream sandwich consists of sugar cookies, ice cream and Georgia peaches — all items that should be readily available in a developed country.

Yet we have reached a point in President Joe Biden’s America where we cannot even expect basic foods to be available on a regular basis. Biden said this himself in a speech on March 25.

It sounds like Biden is talking about Soviet Russia in the above clip. Instead, he’s describing modern-day America.

There are a multitude of problems contributing to the supply chain crisis, from coronavirus disruptions to the war between Russia and Ukraine. But at the end of the day, Biden is in charge, and the burden of making sure Americans have basic necessities falls on him.

The issue goes far beyond food, too. Both Ford and General Motors had to halt production of some of their vehicles in Michigan recently due to parts shortages.

For a patron at Augusta National, the shock and disappointment of being unable to enjoy an ice cream sandwich will be relatively short-lived. The same cannot be said for Americans facing serious uncertainty because of Biden’s failures.

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Grant is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. He has five years of writing experience with various outlets and enjoys covering politics and sports.
Grant is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor's degree in journalism. He has five years of writing experience with various outlets and enjoys covering politics and sports.