It's Starting: Police Demand Papers from Restaurant Goers In Horrifying Video


Months ago, they called us “conspiracy theorists” for warning that vaccine mandates were on the way.

They said we were crazy for thinking totalitarian governments would be demanding us to show our papers if we wanted to go out in public.

Well, now it’s happening in France and, if the political establishment gets its way, it’ll be happening in the U.S. as well.

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On Monday, Antony Paone, a French reporter for Reuters, revealed in a Twitter video that French police are randomly spot-checking civilians for their vaccine papers.

“The first #Police checks started as a preventive measure in #Paris in cafes and restaurants where the #PassSanitaire is mandatory as of today,” Paone wrote in the Twitter post, according to Google Translate.

The officers shown in the video are enforcing a new French law that went into effect on Monday requiring the country’s residents to show proof of vaccination or immunity when they enter cafés, restaurants or a number of other public venues according to Politico.

Those who get the vaccine will be given a “COVID green pass,” Politico reported, which will be “a digital or paper certificate that contains proof of vaccination or of immunity.”

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Hefty fines await business and French citizens who refuse to comply with the new law.

Suggestions that such laws may soon come for the U.S. are not as far-fetched as the left would like you to believe.

After all, the past year-and-a-half has seen the American government institute a number of like-minded totalitarian policies in regard to COVID-19.

From the forcible lockdowns of private businesses to the nationwide eviction moratorium — a virtual ban on eviction of non-paying tenants — the U.S. government is far from innocent when it comes to its use of draconian COVID-19 policy.

The eviction moratorium itself was blatantly unconstitutional, effectively granting the Center for Disease Control — a government-funded public health organization — power over the American housing sector.

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For those who think the U.S. is far from joining France in its attacks on individual liberty, it’s time to wake up.

The U.S. government is merely inches away from adopting similar policies.

Sure, when this is all over, the government may scale back some of its excesses in power.

However, it’s unlikely it will give it all away and, going forward, it is going to be much easier for overreaching officials to take away our freedoms at a moment’s notice.

All they need is another nationwide emergency.

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