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Starving Dog Quilled by Porcupine Finds New Home After Kindhearted Woman Pays Vet Bill


Due to the kindness of a stranger, a situation that began with heartbreak has recently been resolved with joy.

Bri Burnett of Sweetwater, Texas, jumped into action when her friend sent her a photo of a dog in serious trouble near her home.

The dog, later named JoJo, had been spotted near Lake Trammell. She was covered in porcupine quills.

Rather than head home after a long day of work, Burnett sped to the lake to see for herself what condition the dog was in, according to KTAB-TV. She immediately realized that JoJo required food, water and medical attention if she was going to survive.

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“Her entire mouth and head was full of quills. She couldn’t swallow because of all the swelling,” Burnett told Liftable, a section of The Western Journal.

Although the dog was clearly “timid and scared” and looked like she hadn’t had a good meal in a while, Burnett managed to earn her trust. She loaded JoJo into her car and raced to the local veterinary office. The vet administered anesthesia in preparation for removing the quills that were embedded in the dog’s body.

“He kept her overnight and I was able to pick her up that next afternoon. It took him over 45 minutes to remove all the quills,” Burnett said. The rescuer footed the bill herself, according to KTAB-TV.

Multiple attempts were made to locate the original owners of the dog, but the number linked to the dog’s microchip was out of service. Burnett knew that with no current owners, JoJo was in desperate need of a new and loving home.

Burnett took to Facebook to explain the situation to her followers. She asked her friends if anyone was willing to adopt JoJo. Soon after, she found JoJo’s perfect match.

Haylee Stewart had been hoping to adopt a dog long before a friend told her about Burnett’s post. A fan of animal rescue shows, Stewart was immediately intrigued by JoJo’s story.

She began praying about JoJo, seeking assurance that the poor pup would be the best candidate to complete her “trio,” which included herself and her cat.

“I prayed and prayed over making this decision,” she told Liftable.

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“I kept a close eye on her post to see if someone had claimed her. Once I saw nobody making a move and after praying about this, I knew I had to at least go meet her,” Stewart said.

When she arranged an introductory meeting with JoJo, the dog met her with enthusiasm, as though Stewart were an old friend.

“I told my mom, ‘If I go meet this dog, and if she licks me, it’s over with. This dog will be my dog!’ And that’s the first thing that happened when I went to meet JoJo,” Stewart said.

JoJo and Stewart seem to be getting along perfectly. The two often take trips to local eateries for treats and enjoy relaxing together.

Burnett was thrilled to see JoJo find such a compassionate owner.

“[Stewart] is just an angel to JoJo, as she desperately needed someone to love on her, care for her health and well being and just be an advocate for her!” Burnett said.

The situation has highlighted the importance of reaching out to animals in need for both Stewart and Burnett.

“If you’re in a position where you can help an animal, definitely help out!” said Stewart. “If you decide to take an animal in, just be sure you go in with an open mind because you have no idea what you might be dealing with.”

When presented with an opportunity to help a wounded animal, Burnett advises to “follow your heart.”

“I just feel like the Lord has given us this land and animals to care for, and when we do right by caring for these things, and allow Him to be present and working through us, He will bless the situation,” Burnett said.

It seems that JoJo and Stewart are perfect for one another. We wish them many happy years full of love, mutual support and treats!

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