Liberal Students Protest Deportation of Illegal Who Beat Co-Ed


An adult illegal immigrant found himself in handcuffs several months ago after police say he violently assaulted a female student. Now, liberal proponents of amnesty are rushing to the accused alien’s defense, and protesting against law enforcement for doing their job.

According to Newsweek Magazine, 19-year-old Dennis Rivera-Sarmiento is a Honduran national who is in the United States illegally. In January, he was arrested for allegedly assaulting a woman after a verbal altercation became physical.

You might think that the left-leaning crowd is on the side of protecting women against assault by men, especially in the era of “MeToo” and “Yes All Women.” Apparently you’d be wrong.

After Rivera-Sarmiento’s arrest in Texas led to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement detainer being filed against him, students from the high school where he attended are now protesting for his release.

“A video of the students walking out of Austin High School was circulated on Twitter […] with the hashtag #FreeDennis,” explained Newsweek. “Students in the video chanted and carried banners as they marched away from the school and toward a neighborhood nearby.”

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This is social justice in 2018: Assaulting a woman is fine, but don’t you dare deport an illegal alien who commits the crime.

Pro-amnesty protesters are trying desperately to portray the adult alien as the victim.

“(The protest is) for Dennis and we are doing this because he was just defending himself from bullies. (Houston Independent School District) did him injustice by working with the police, they should protect their students and not fail them,” a student named Sara Martinez declared to Newsweek.

Protecting the assaulted female, who reportedly was also a student, was apparently not as high on the protester’s list of priorities. In fact, it looks like the “FreeDennis” crowd is ignoring a few inconvenient factors in the immigrant’s situation.

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“Rivera, a 19-year-old senior, was arrested by police after pushing a girl, then striking her in the head with his fists, according to court documents,” reported The Houston Chronicle.

The girl may not have been blameless, and likely pursued a racially-heated verbal argument with the illegal immigrant, but his assault was apparently so severe that the anonymous female student needed medical treatment.

“Witnesses said the girl and Rivera argued, escalating into a fight. The girl told the officer that he pushed her to the ground, then hit her twice in the back of the head, according to court records. She was taken to the hospital and released,” reported The Houston Chronicle.

“Once Rivera was booked into jail, his fingerprints were run through federal databases just like any other inmate would be under a national program called Secure Communities,” the Chronicle continued. “After it was discovered that he was illegally here, immigration officials requested the sheriff’s office hold him until they could pick him up.”

Incredibly, the protesters do not seem to dispute that Dennis Rivera-Sarmiento is in the country illegally, or that he assaulted a girl. They appear to be more worked up that he was caught.

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It’s hard to imagine any nation, including this man’s home country of Honduras, idly tolerating a foreigner sneaking across its border, staying illegally, and then assaulting local citizens.

This would rightfully land an offender in jail or on a one-way trip out of the country almost anywhere in the world, yet liberals believe that the United States should blindly allow identical behavior here.

It is difficult to take amnesty groups seriously when they side with lawlessness and assault. Their narrative of peaceful, idyllic “dreamers” keeps falling apart, and the American people are starting to notice.

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