Students Protest After Illegal Immigrant Classmate Detained by ICE for Assaulting Female


Texan high school students on Wednesday protested the ICE detention of an illegal alien classmate, who had previously assaulted a female student.

Students at Stephen F. Austin High School in Houston protested the ICE detention of 19-year-old illegal alien student Dennis Rivera-Sarmiento, who was arrested in late January for assaulting a female student and subsequently transferred to ICE, Newsweek reported.

ICE spokeswoman Leticia Zamarripa said Rivera-Sarmiento was supposed to exit the United States prior to March 4, 2015. ICE had previously released the 19-year-old illegal alien in 2013 with an order of supervision.

Students carried signs and chanted over Rivera-Sarmiento’s ICE detention.

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One student alleged that Rivera-Sarmiento’s assault charge stemmed from self-defense from bullies.

“(The protest is) for Dennis and we are doing this because he was just defending himself from bullies,” said Sara Martinez, a senior at Austin High School. “(Houston Independent School District) did him injustice by working with the police, they should protect their students and not fail them.”

The school district rejected culpability for the illegal alien’s arrest.

Do you think this illegal alien should be deported?

“In line with the commitment expressed by both the Board of Education and the Superintendent, HISD has not used district resources to assist in deportation actions and we do not report students to ICE,” said the district in a statement obtained by Newsweek.

“Our Superintendent and administration remain steadfast in the district’s commitment to educating every student regardless of their immigration status.”

Immigrant youth group United We Dream started a petition to free Rivera-Sarmiento, stating, “high school is for education, not criminalization and deportation.”

The petition had obtained over 9,000 signatures by publication time.

Rivera-Sarmiento gained admission to study at Lamar University and Texas A&M Corpus Christi in the fall, according to United We Dream.

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The group backed up Martinez’s assertion that the student had defended himself, claiming that “bullies made fun of him for being undocumented, going so far as to throw bottles at him.”

The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to Austin High School for comment, but received none in time for publication.

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