Swalwell Commits Self-Own with Tweet Blaming Trump for Train Derailment - But There's an Even Bigger Problem


Leftist Rep. Eric Swalwell of California is being blasted for an embarrassing tweet in which he tried to pin the Ohio train disaster on former President Donald Trump.

On Monday, Swalwell took to Twitter to blame Trump for the disaster unfolding in East Palestine, Ohio, claiming that the deregulation of railroads led to train cars “exploding.” He posted a screen shot of a Fortune magazine article from 2018 warning about that possibility.

Unfortunately for Swalwell, his tweet only succeeded in making him look like a fool due to two glaring problems with his claim.

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First, President Joe Biden’s own National Transportation Safety Board has already determined that Trump’s deregulation had no role in what happened in East Palestine.

Several people pointed out this well-known fact that Swalwell seemingly ignored.

But there was an even more obvious problem with Swalwell’s tweet.

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The Democrat posted a screen shot of a Trump tweet about deregulation alongside the Fortune article. It seems, however, that the tweet and the article were not related at all. Trump sent that tweet on Aug. 3, 2017, and the article was published on Sept. 24, 2018.

This is absolutely insane but not surprising. It is frankly to be expected that Democrats will blame anything bad that happens on Trump, even though he has been out of office for two years.

The Afghanistan withdrawal, inflation, the war in Ukraine and the border crisis all developed long after Trump left the Oval Office, but the Democrats still try to find ways to blame him.

Swalwell is simply playing politics with the disaster in East Palestine by pinning it on Trump, despite the fact that the Biden administration has done next to nothing to help the people there. Biden seems more concerned about Ukraine than East Palestine.

It is time that the Biden administration took responsibility for its failures and began to serve the American people, and that Democrats stopped trying to pass everything on to Trump.

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