Sweet Girl Prays for a Sibling for Entire Year, Sobs as She Holds Up 'Big Sister' Shirt


The sibling relationship is unlike any other. Who else can simultaneously be your worst enemy, yet hold your deepest loyalties?

Siblings are often our first friends. Even when you wish your brother or sister would disappear from time to time, deep down, you’re glad for someone who will put up with you and love you anyway.

For a young girl named Maya, having a sibling was one of her deepest desires.

She yearned for the relationship, she yearned for a sweet baby to welcome to the family.

Maya began to pray that God would give her a sibling someday. She prayed for more than a year.

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Maya’s parents knew their daughter desperately wanted a sibling. And when they discovered they were pregnant, they began carefully planning how they would share the big news with their daughter.

They sat Maya down on a chair and handed her a gift bag. White tissue paper puffed out of the unicorn-printed bag, indicating something fun and exciting was inside.

Maya, of course, had no idea of the very big surprise in store for her. She looked a little confused when she pulled out the bag’s contents: a T-shirt.

Now sometimes, clothing gifts can be the worst. Many people have a great aunt so-and-so or well-meaning relative who tends to give clothing that is anything but what you’d actually want to wear.

But as Maya unfolded the shirt, she read the words printed on the front. Her hands flew over her mouth in disbelief as she looked to her mom for confirmation.

Her mom nodded a yes, and Maya burst into tears of joy. She sobbed, falling into her father’s arms.

Meanwhile, Mom had tucked something else in the gift bag and rummaged around to pull it out.

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She showed Maya the printed evidence of her sibling’s existence — a stream of ultrasound photos.

“Did you know your prayers were that powerful?” Mom asked her sobbing daughter. All Maya could do was shake her head in disbelief.

Finally, the video revealed the words that had reduced Maya to a puddle of tears. Her shirt read, “I’m going to be a big sister. January 2019.”

We have a feeling Maya is going to be the best big sister anyone could ever hope for.

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