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Sweet Pup Finally Adopted After Being Returned Multiple Times in 525 Days at Shelter

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Puppies, young dogs and popular purebreds are usually snapped up quickly from shelters, but not every dog is ultra mellow, super friendly or perfectly healthy.

Some pups need a little more love and understanding than others: They need just the right person to give them a good life outside the shelter, and they can spend a long time waiting for just the right owner.

Cassie is a houndy-looking mix who, despite being tried out by several families, always seemed to find her way back to the Humane Society of Greater Dayton in Ohio.

“Cassie has been at our shelter for 474 days!!” the shelter posted on their Facebook page in November 2018. “Can you believe that?! She is a sweet gal who is well behaved (thanks to her training with the Dayton Dog Training Club).”

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“She just wants to be the superstar of your life so we recommend her not in a home with other pets or small children. Let’s find her a home for the holidays!”

Needing to be an “only child” certainly makes it difficult to be adopted, as many people want a family pet or are certified dog lovers with the pre-existing pups to prove it.

The shelter pulled out all the stops for Cassie, and she was even featured in a local auto group’s advertisement.

“Stop by any of Jeff Schmitt Auto Group’s seven locations now through the end of February and if you test drive a car, they will donate $50 to help the animals at the Humane Society of Greater Dayton, including Cassie who is currently looking for her forever home!” the shelter posted.

Finally, on Jan. 16, Cassie found her forever home. “BEST NEWS OF THE DAY!!! Cassie, who has been with us for 525 days found a forever home today!!” the shelter wrote.

“Cassie first came to us on August 9th, 2017… Every day for 525 days she has patiently waited for that perfect person to walk through the doors and pick her and today was her day! Our staff may have shed a few tears saying goodbye and there may have been a few squeals of excitement, but we are so very happy for Cassie and her new family!”

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“Also, thank you to Jeff Schmitt Auto Group! We are currently working with them on a campaign where if you test drive a car at any of their 7 dealerships $50 will benefit animals just like Cassie.”

“Well, Cassie is the superstar pup in all of the ads running on TV for this campaign and seeing her in the ads helped Cassie’s new owner decide that Cassie was the one for her! It takes a village, but we can’t be more excited for this dynamic duo!”

Cassie caught Jessica Hendrickson’s eye. Hendrickson said that her “heart went out to her because she had been there so long,” according to Dayton Daily News.

“The Jeff Schmitt ad was on right as I was reading her profile,” the new owner said. “I fell in love with her. I thought, ‘All right, we need each other.'”

Cassie has settled into her new home nicely. “She is so sweet and loving and mellow,” Hendrickson said. “She comes up and wants to be petted and have her belly scratched and paws at you if you stop. She is super affectionate, but also independent. I like that about her.”

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