Ted Cruz Takes Ilhan Omar to School After She Picks Fight Over Columbus Statue


Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar received an impromptu history lesson from Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas on Twitter this week.

The radical, far-left “Squad” member, who represents Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, which includes Minneapolis — the location of the fuse which lit the country’s current unrest — defended the toppling of a statue of Christopher Columbus Wednesday.

The toppling of the statue came as radical leftists nationwide continue their attempt to erase a history which they find inconvenient as they attack the country’s founding principals and figures.

Cruz shared an ABC News post on Twitter of the statue being pulled down, and described the activists as the domestic terrorists they are, which apparently triggered Omar.

“American Taliban,” Cruz tweeted.

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In response, Omar defended the destruction of public property in her state, and also used the opportunity to share her own version of American history.

“This was organized and led by Indigenous people,” the Somali-born legislator tweeted. “Columbus literally started a genocide against them. What a sick thing to say about those taking down monuments to their own oppression.”

But the Texas senator, who is never one to lie down during a fight, promptly schooled her, both over her choice of language and for her failure to grasp the significance of Columbus’ journey to the Americas.

“No, he didn’t commit genocide, ‘literally’ or otherwise,” Cruz wrote. “He did discover the New World, which led to colonizers, some of whom inadvertently brought disease,” he added.

“Is it your position that it’s inherently immoral to come to America from a foreign land?” the Republican added. “I’m glad my Dad came from Cuba.”

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In a separate tweet, Cruz further laid into Omar, who is frequently accused of antisemitism.

“And if you want to talk ‘literal genocide,’ we can discuss the Nazis murdering 6 million Jews in the Holocaust,” he wrote. “Why again did you oppose the House resolution against antisemitism?”

Indeed Omar is guilty of hypocrisy over the issue of antisemitism, and her portrayal of Columbus is filled with glaring inaccuracies and a selective remembrance of history.

Was Columbus, who was brave enough to set sail in a westward direction, never knowing if he’d see land again, a saint? No, he wasn’t.

He was indeed cruel to a number of the natives he encountered during his four trips to the New World, beginning in 1492. It was a cruel world.

But the “Indigenous people” which Omar and Democrats so vehemently defend were sometimes pretty cruel to one another.

As an “indigenous person” myself, I am amused by the left’s cherry-picking of history.

My people, the Choctaw, were in a constant state of war with other nations, prior to European colonization of North America.

My tribe also owned slaves and fought for the Confederacy in the Civil War, and instead of a rebuke, we get cradle-to-grave free health care at the expense of taxpayers.

Where is our reprimand from Omar and liberals? Where is the consistency?

Most tribes were engaged in warfare, dating back farther than we will ever know.

Do you think Rep. Omar will be voted out by Minnesotans?

My region in Oklahoma was a battlefield before a single European ever set foot on the continent.

Some tribes in the area, prior to the Indian Removal Act, beheaded some of their enemies and captured others as slaves.

Some people did something. It was a cruel world before Europeans oppressed us modern Native Americans with air conditioning and free dental work.

Christopher Columbus has been vilified by Omar and others as a genocidal boogie man who disrupted a love fest. That isn’t the way it happened.

If Columbus hadn’t stumbled across Hispaniola, Cuba and the Americas, someone else would have. Discovery of the region by European nations was inevitable, as were the diseases and innovations they brought with them.

And Omar isn’t exactly clamoring for China to pay reparations for inflicting a disease on all Americans, including racial minorities and the indigenous.

Christopher Columbus should be celebrated for his contributions to global and American history, and not erased by leftist ghouls.

Ilhan Omar should refrain from cherrypicking and editing history, and do something for her struggling district.

Sparring with Sen. Cruz on Twitter is a losing proposition.

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