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Teen Makes Selfless COVID Resolution, Continues Every Day Since: Huge 'Ripple Effect'


When Sebbie Hall from Lichfield, England, was just one year old, his parents were told not to expect much of their baby boy. Doctors found that he had a chromosomal alteration and said it was likely he’d never talk or walk.

While Sebbie, now 18, struggles to string sentences together, he’s defied the odds, and it’s clear that he understands what truly matters.

“It’s not about words, it’s about kindness,” he said, according to Good News Network.

Since March 16, 2020, Sebbie has been performing an act of kindness every day and raising funds for important causes.

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It began when the young man felt bad for people who didn’t have the necessary technology to connect with friends and family during lockdown.

He was especially concerned for a friend of his. His first inclination was to give him his own iPad, but mom Ashley encouraged Sebbie to raise money to buy a new one for his friend instead.

So he completed 10 sponsored acts of kindness over 10 days and managed to raise about $1,300.

“He bought this friend a device at the end of the 10 days but because he enjoyed watching other people smile, he then wanted to continue,” Ashley explained.

Since that first taste of success, Sebbie’s mission has been twice as nice: raising money to help kids with disabilities by doing sponsored acts of kindness.

He’s given out Easter eggs, watered plants, collected food for food banks and donated toys to homes for vulnerable children.

“I’m immensely proud of him,” Ashley said. “I couldn’t be more proud. The impact of his kindness has been incredible.

“It’s like this lovely ripple effect going out from him. It’s fabulous. The money’s very important and he’s been able to create real change.”

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Sebbie has now helped over 2,000 people and raised $53,000 — an impressive amount by any metric.

Others have noticed the young man’s stellar track record and have recognized his efforts. Even British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has commended his work, and he’s been selected for the World Compassion Award.

“I feel lucky to be going out and meeting so many children,” he said.

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