Tennessee Governor Welcomes Police Officers Who Fled Democrat-Run States


Following the death of George Floyd in the liberal haven of Minnesota, liberal media outlets worked passionately to demonize police officers across the country.

This constant negative and manipulative media exposure, coupled with leftist politicians supporting the “defund the police” movement, led to many officers resigning or taking early retirements.

According to Breitbart, “New York City … saw over 1,000 more retirees in 2020 compared to 2019 — 2,600 compared to the previous 1,509. Minneapolis, which was in many ways the epicenter of the civil unrest, dipped from 912 uniformed officers to 699.”

Hoping to counter this disturbing trend among law enforcement, Fox News reported, “Republican Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee, up for re-election in November, released a new highway patrol recruitment video featuring law enforcement officers who fled Democrat-run California and New Mexico.”

The article continued, “This comes about a year after the governor first launched a nationwide pitch last fall to relocate qualified law enforcement to Tennessee. Since then, 82 new troopers have joined the THP, including 25 officers from out of state, according to the governor’s office.”

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In the recruitment video, an Officer Da’Juan Clark, formerly of New Mexico was interviewed. Clark said, “This state — they have set a new bar for what it means to support an officer. Tennessee equips you like you wouldn’t believe. I have more uniforms than I know what to do with. I have more hats than I can wear.”

The other officer in the interview is Officer Louis Celaya, who recently left California.

Celaya gave the reason he left California: “The love for your kids — to relocate them to a place where you know that they’re going to be safe in the future.”

He continued, “The citizens of Tennessee will come up to you. They’ll say, ‘We love you,’ ‘God bless you,’ ‘We want to pray with you.’ Tennessee couldn’t be a greater place to do it. They look after both you and your family.”

Have you fled a Democrat-run state?

Another factor that is contributing heavily to officer resignation is the tyrannical vaccine mandate that President Biden announced back in 2021.

The mandate is also something Gov. Lee seems keenly aware of. Fox reported that in November 2021, Gov. Lee said, “We won’t get between you and your doctor.”

Gov. Lee has also offered to cover moving expenses of any officers looking to leave their current state for Tennessee, according to Fox.

Other red states are offering similar incentives to officers looking for friendlier waters.

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According to The Police Tribune, Florida lawmakers have recently passed a bill that offers a $5,000 signing bonus to out-of-state police officers.

“NYPD, Minneapolis, Seattle: If you’re not being treated well, we’ll treat you better here, you can fill important needs for us, and we’ll compensate you as a result,” DeSantis said, according to the Tribune.

As more red states with sane leadership lure competent police officers to their cause, crime in blue states is even more likely to rise.

It might be wise to plan an exodus of your own if you still remain within a state whose leadership would rather demonize those sworn to protect their communities than condemn the very criminals who are destroying them. Or vote in lawmakers this November who support the men and women of the police force.

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