Texas Governor Greg Abbott Reveals Innovative Plan To Stop School Shootings


No sane person wants more school shootings. This is true no matter where someone falls on the political spectrum, although the mainstream media often implies otherwise.

Despite being smeared by activists like David Hogg as monsters who don’t care what happens to children, the reality is that conservatives and gun owners alike are fed up with these types of tragedies… and they simply want to find solutions that don’t involve tearing up self-defense rights or the Constitution in the process.

Greg Abbott fits into that category. The Republican governor of Texas is a supporter of Second Amendment rights, but like most of America was deeply impacted when the Santa Fe High School shooting occurred in his state in May.

On Wednesday, the governor unveiled his security plan to help minimize these tragedies, and it includes some innovative solutions to safeguard students while keeping American rights intact.

One of those unique proposals calls for police officers to spend more time at schools during their shifts. As anybody who has ever gone on a ride-along with police knows, cops spend a significant amount of time filling out paperwork and completing reports while on duty — and Abbott wants to use that on-duty “slow time” as an advantage.

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“This includes having officers use schools as a stop for ‘breaks, lunch, or to file reports,'” Breitbart News reported.

“Abbott’s plan also asks schools ‘to provide office space for a local or state law enforcement official to work from.’ He is asking the state to consider grants to help school’s offset the cost of providing such space and accommodating a great law enforcement presence,” the news outlet continued.

It’s a smart solution, and one that would put more uniformed police near schools with fairly minimal costs, at least compared to having districts hire countless more officers.

The governor is also keen on putting trained, vetted security professionals to work to help protect kids. Retired police officers and qualified veterans would become part of an overall safety strategy.

Do you agree with Gov. Abbott's proposed plan?

“Texas public schools are permitted to hire any person who is a licensed peace officer to provide campus security. Texas retired and off-duty peace officers already have extensive firearms and emergency response training, and many would be willing and able to protect Texas campuses,” Abbott’s proposal explained.

“In addition, the state should create a pathway for our veterans – many of whom have extensive firearm training – to help protect our schools through a modified school marshal program that ensures they have the appropriate training to transition their expertise into the campus environment,” the governor continued.

“Veterans who complete tailored training and background checks should have the ability to once again serve their communities in times of need,” he wrote.

The governor is also open to arming teachers. According to Breitbart, around 170 of Texas’ 1,000 school districts — or 17 percent — allow school staff members to be legally armed. Abbott would like to increase those numbers.

Recent events have shown that armed civilians can make a difference in an emergency scenario. Just last week, two legally armed citizens stopped a mass shooter in Oklahoma City, after the criminal entered a restaurant.

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Juan Carlos Nazario, 35, and 39-year-old Bryan Whittle ran back to their vehicles to retrieve their firearms in order to stop the rampage, because the restaurant was considered a “gun free zone.” Apparently that sign didn’t stop the murderous criminal, but the armed citizens did stop him.

Crime will never disappear, but it can be dramatically reduced. Staging “die-ins” on supermarket floors while holding a megaphone like Hogg is not the answer, however.

Putting brave, prepared and properly equipped officers and civilians in the right positions will make a difference — and it’s about time that someone like the Texas governor said so.

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