Texas Hospital Drops Massive Medical Bill on Biden for Care of Migrants He Strapped Them With


President Joe Biden’s border emergency has seen one west Texas hospital left with a hefty bill for treating minors who shouldn’t be in the country, and one GOP lawmaker is calling on the federal government to square up its debt.

Beyond the unimaginable suffering of children created by Biden’s come one, come all message to the parents of these children, there was bound to be another toll taken on those who happen to live in border states. Those people are now feeling the heat.

While Democrats have spent a year feigning absolute panic over the coronavirus pandemic, these supposed big-hearted liberals, who are now running the federal government, have suddenly become less concerned about super spreader events and crowds, now that those involved are non-English speaking people whose goal is to enter the country illegally.

But while Biden and Democrats attempt to remake the country’s electorate, one hospital has been stuck with a bill for treating children the president made refugees.

If you needed another reason to loathe leftist policymakers and the headaches they’re causing, they’ve now made hospitals — institutions known for charging absurd rates for blankets and pillows — victims.

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Fox News reported that the Midland Memorial Hospital in Midland, Texas, is currently on the hook for more than $200,000 after treating dozens of migrant children.

Though Biden administration officials reportedly reassured members of Congress that the Department of Health and Human Services would cover all expenses after medical care professionals treated people who shouldn’t be in the country, the facility is holding a bill that the American people will have to pay for, one way or another.

“I can confirm that Midland Memorial Hospital has provided healthcare services to 40 individuals from the migrant facility,” Tase Richardson told Fox News. “This care has totaled hospital charges of $206,287. Claims have been submitted via Point Comfort per federal official direction. To date, no claims have been processed.”

The hospital treated children after HHS opened a child migrant facility in the city. Now, HHS won’t pay up, and the city’s representative in Congress is speaking out.

Do you think the Biden administration is putting Americans last?

Republican Rep. Austin Pfluger told Fox that 40 children were treated by the hospital beginning in March. After reviewing the hospital bill, Pluger accused the Biden administration of abusing the goodwill of Texans.

“What a shameful way to do business here,” Pfluger said. “It’s an outrage that our local hospitals are literally paying the price for Biden’s border crisis.”

“The Midland community has been taken advantage of by the Biden admin’s migrant facility & now our hospital is paying the price for Biden’s border crisis,” Pfluger later wrote on Twitter. “This is beyond unacceptable and the Biden admin must immediately reimburse Midland Memorial Hospital.”

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Pfluger also said HHS has refused to let local charitable organizations donate to children suffering from Biden’s open border policies — apparently insisting taxpayers remain on the hook.

HHS issued a statement assuring it would pay its bills, but offered no timetable with regard to when.

“Health care eligibility is effective on the first day that a child has been placed in the physical custody of ORR,” the department said in a statement to Fox. “Eligibility for ORR coverage ends on the day the child leaves ORR’s custody. All UC medical expenses incurred while in ORR care will be paid by HHS.”

Of the 40 children treated by Midland Memorial, some were seen in the emergency room for the coronavirus, while two girls were seen for issues relating to pregnancy. Another child was examined following a reported sexual assault.

Pluger told Fox News that four of the children were treated by Midland Memorial after attempting to commit suicide.

Since day one of Biden’s presidency, he’s cost American citizens and businesses countless dollars while catering to the needs of people across the globe. In border states, those who didn’t ask for an influx of migrants across the border are for now left paying for a surge of children who are caught in the crossfire amid a situation that could have been avoided.

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