The Thirty Year War of The New York Times Against Me


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In August of 1988, I spent several days of my life with a talented group of script writers and video editors creating television commercials for a Political Action Committee project known as Americans for Bush. I was 27 years old and served as the political director of the PAC.

Thirty-one years later to the month, The New York Times is still trumpeting what they consider my “sin” of speaking truth about the furlough pass program, supported by the Democratic nominee for president, Massachusetts’ Gov. Michael Dukakis, which allowed a murderer — Willie Horton — to be released for weekend passes from prison. Horton had murdered a boy in a robbery by stabbing him 19 times.

When Horton was released through the program, he fled Massachusetts and traveled to Maryland, where he kidnapped a couple and repeatedly raped the woman.

We called the ad “Weekend Passes.” The media called it the “Willie Horton Ad.” By some studies, it was the most effective ad in political history.

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When we started running the Weekend Passes ad, Dukakis had a commanding lead. But following the ad, the race was in nearly a dead heat. USA Today would later say the ad was in the top 25 television advertisements of the 20th century.

Today, I am part owner and publisher of a scrappy and opinionated online news publication known as The Western Journal. The latest Times article, 30 years after the so-called “Willie Horton Ad” — was an attempted takedown of The Western Journal.

I have spent the last 40 years of my 58 years of life as an advocate and activist for conservative ideas. I met Ronald Reagan when I was 15 years old, in 1976. I worked in his campaigns and as a political appointee in his administration. Later, in 1988, I founded an organization called Citizens United. I served as chairman of Citizens United until 2008, when I founded a predecessor website that was later merged to become part of The Western Journal.

I recount this history because yesterday The Times recounted a distorted and vicious caricature of my long career as an activist, all with the intent of smearing The Western Journal with my taint.

Is The New York Times fair to conservatives and their point of view?

In their hit piece, they offered such loaded lines as,“Floyd Brown promoted conspiracy theories about Bill Clinton during the 1992 presidential campaign.” And this one: “Floyd G. Brown reveled in the infamy surrounding his successful Horton ads, which featured mug shots of a black convicted murderer to stoke fears that the Democratic candidate, Michael Dukakis, was soft on crime.”

And how about this beauty of so-called “unbiased journalism”: “When Barack Obama first ran for president, Mr. Brown helped form a network of political action committees that made anti-Obama attack ads, including one questioning whether Mr. Obama might secretly be Muslim.”

Let me just say for the record: I did author the bestseller, “Slick Willie, Why America Cannot Trust Bill Clinton.” I wrote it before his election, and my predictions about President Bill Clinton have stood the test of time.

I also authored the book “Obama Unmasked,” once again before he was elected in 2008. My predictions about Obama have also been validated.

Finally, I authored the book “Obama’s Enemies List,” which was the first exposé of the deep state manipulation by Obama and his team. It was written in 2012, before his re-election. It is these activities by the Obama administration and deep state, more than any other Obama legacy, which are the current source of the gut-wrenching divide now tearing our nation apart.

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I stand by my legacy of activism, and I am proud of my work today to expose the truth. During my entire career, I have worked to tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may. In my volumes of writing, I describe the world as I honestly see it.

I never hide behind the veil of being “unbiased.”

The world of Floyd Brown is animated first by my belief in God and my desire to follow his Son and my Savior, Jesus Christ. This fundamental is translated into my excitement and love of Western Civilization. (The “Western” in Western Journal is for “Western Civilization,” not the Western United States as some may think).

My love of Western Civilization dictates my admiration and devotion to the Founders of America, this group of men who launched our nation after a keen study of human nature and dedication to what Russell Kirk would call “America’s British Culture.” This fount of wisdom gave us common law and the rule of law now under attack by The New York Times and other postmodern “intellectuals.”

So The Times continues its Thirty Year War against me, and I continue my Thirty Year War for truth.

And the real truth of this latest skirmish is this: The real sin of The Western Journal in the eyes of The New York Times and its allies in Big Tech is having the audacity to cover the successes of President Donald Trump.

If The Western Journal didn’t do fair reporting on the president and provide a different perspective that runs counter to The Times’ obsession to bring down the president with false narratives such as Russian collusion, this story and my involvement with The Western Journal would have never been front-page, above-the-fold news.

My next book, “Big Tech Tyrants,” is due to be released on Sept. 3. In the book, I expose Big Tech’s powerful suppression of free speech.

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Floyd G. Brown is the founder of The Western Journal and the author of several books, including "Counterpunch" and "Big Tech Tyrants."
Floyd Brown has spent the last 40 years as an advocate and activist for conservative ideas. He met Ronald Reagan when he was 15 years old and worked in his campaigns and as a political appointee in his administration. In 1988, he founded Citizens United and served as chairman of Citizens United until 2008, when he founded a predecessor website that was later merged to become part of The Western Journal.