This Video of an Enormous Green Egg Being Cracked Into a Bowl Has Racked Up 19 Million Views


Cracking open an egg isn’t typically viewed as an extraordinary practice, however, when that egg weighs roughly 2 lbs. and the color green, people take notice.

The Food Network released an Instagram video in 2017 showing a person cracking open an emu egg, and in December the network announced that the video had amassed millions of views.

The intrigue likely comes from the fact that emu eggs aren’t your run-of-the-mill breakfast fare. They are the weight of about 12 chicken eggs and emerald in color.

While the color is striking when seen in a kitchen, as noted by HuffPost, it actually acts as camouflage when the bird lays its eggs in the grass.

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According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the eggs see limited shelf space in grocery stores. However, places like Whole Foods now carry emu eggs, but not without a hefty price attached. Stores sell it for $30 and select restaurants have begun featuring Emu egg recipes for roughly $90.

The video, dubbed by Food Network as its “#1 most-watched video of the YEAR!” shows the blue-green egg being struck with a knife multiple times to crack the tough shell.

Have you ever tried an emu egg?

As it is cracked into a bowl a massive yellow yolk is revealed. One New York City chef, Dave Santos, described the texture of the thick whites and yellow yolk being akin to “glue” and “silly putty.”

“Emu is the richest tasting of all the edible bird eggs,” Santos said. “The white is almost like glue, it’s so thick.

“The yoke is actually a pale yellow but it’s so thick,” he continued. “When you run your fork through a yoke and it starts to ooze out? Emu eggs aren’t like that. You break the yolk open and it just sits there. It’s like silly putty.”

While at face value the video might seem a little ridiculous, it received 19 million views and prompted a flurry of responses by some who were intrigued and others who were disgusted.

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One Instagram user wrote, “(M)y mouth is watering,” while another wrote, “Omg… I instantly got a bad taste in my mouth.”

While the egg is massive, it falls short of the Ostrich egg which weights 3 lbs. on average.

For those looking to experiment with the eye-catching egg, Countryside Daily has provided a list of recipes.

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