Three Puppies Rescued from Drainage Pipe, Watch Moment They're Reunited with Mother

Combined Shape

In the eyes of a puppy, the world is a wide, open and adventurous place to explore.

Puppies are too inexperienced to realize that the great outdoors is also filled with hazards as they bound happily around, carefree and adorably naive.

When dog enthusiast Saurav Bor Kataki returned home from work one day, he was expecting to see his dog and her three adorable little puppies.

Instead, 37-year-old Kataki was greeted only by the mother dog, who looked very concerned.

She was urgently trying to communicate something, desperate for Kataki to follow her onto the streets of Tezpur City, India.

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“I came home from work and was about to go inside when the dog came to me looking desperate,” Kataki told the Daily Mail. “(She) then ran towards the drain pointing to her stuck babies.”

The puppies had managed to squeeze their tiny bodies into a crevice that led them deep down into a drain pipe.

The puppies had no idea they would get stuck in the narrow, dark pipe, but thanks to their vigilant mother, help was on the way.

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“I immediately went inside and brought the excavator to dig out the drain covers, as the puppies had gone far inside the drain and were unable to come out on their own,” Kataki explained.

After beginning the rescue operation, passersby stopped to help Kataki with his efforts. Soon, a small crowd had gathered, all hoping the puppies would emerge safe and sound.

The group of rescuers soon managed to unearth a slab of concrete, giving them access to the drain pipe.

The first pup cautiously stuck his head out of the newly-created hole, and with a quick human assist, his entire body was freed.

The other two puppies followed suit as the mother dog eagerly and nervously looked on.

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“The babies were hungry,” Kataki said. “As soon they got out of the drain, they ran toward their mother and started drinking milk.

“They seemed very hungry, it was quite a moving scene.”

After a quick check-up, the puppies were deemed healthy. They were happy to be reunited with mom, and she was relieved to have them back.

Kataki has a heart for animals and works in his region to help animals of all types.

“I have been a wildlife activist for the past fifteen years and have been working toward rescuing animals,” he said.

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