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Tiny Squirrel Found Nearly Dead with Both Arms Snapped. Rescuer Drives 17 Hours To Save Her

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Sometimes, when we see the sad, selfish state of the world, we can grow disheartened. People seem to only care for themselves, and everything else is an afterthought.

We see a lot of stories of abuse and mistreatment, of both people and animals, and can wonder if there’s any good left out there, or if everyone is just twisted.

Every once in a while, though, a story pops up to defy that depressing trend. Sometimes people show compassion to even the smallest of God’s creatures.

Tayfun Demir is one of those people. An avid animal enthusiast, his story is one of undying love for a creature on death’s doorstep.

He found out about a wounded animal that many people wouldn’t think twice about and made it his job to care for it.

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“A young person contacted me and informed me that he had found a wounded squirrel which had been caught in a hunter’s trap,” he explained.

“I, therefore, went to that city immediately and brought the squirrel to Istanbul.” This involved quite a road trip — a 17-hour road trip.

Most people don’t drive 17 hours to see family, let alone rescue a small, common rodent. But Demir was not most people.

Once he got her back to Istanbul, he took her to a specialist. The poor critter had been snared and her arms were mangled.

“They x-rayed Karamel and told me that both of her arms were broken. Initially, as she was in a very bad state, I was worried that she would not be able to pull through.”

She endured not one, but two different surgeries. The first one was in an attempt to save her arms, but the nerve damage was extensive and they eventually decided it was in her best interest to have both front arms amputated in a second surgery.

“She’s a strong-willed squirrel,” said Demir, and the proof is in the fact that Karamel survived and began to thrive.

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She put on weight, the sparkle came back to her eye, and despite her missing limbs and little bandage vest, she managed to hop around and make friends with other squirrels Demir had acquired.

But that wasn’t the end. Demir wanted her to have more mobility, so he got in touch with another specialist and they designed a set of wheels for the feisty little squirrel.

“Who said she can’t get better and move around like this?” Demir queried. “Who said that I should put her to sleep?! Who said that?!”

The naysayers were quieted by Karamel’s success. She was able to fly around the yard with her new “arms” — and while she may not be able to climb trees, she can certainly speed across the grass.

“Oh my dear girl. Who said you can’t run again?! My beautiful girl. My dear girl.”

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