Tlaib Goes After CNN's Tapper for Daring To Compare Hamas, Palestinians to White Nationalists


One would think, or hope, that Rep. Rashida Tlaib would eventually give it a rest.

But it’s becoming maddeningly clear the freshman Michigan lawmaker — who gained notoriety for comprising one-fourth of “the squad” of far-left Democrats — just can’t help herself. She thrives on controversy, as if hoping to make a living by putting her foot in her mouth, painting herself in a corner, whatever cliche comes to mind.

She is, in fact, a walking liberal cliche.

The latest kerfuffle to emerge from Tlaib’s corner involves Palestinians and Hamas (surprise, surprise). Not unlike her progressive colleague Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, a frequent critic of Israel who enjoys praising her native Somalia more than the U.S., Tlaib is on the warpath again.

She’s calling out, via social media, CNN’s Jake Tapper for comments he made Sunday on “State of the Union,” according to Washington Examiner.

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“Comparing Palestinian human rights advocates to terrorist white nationalists is fundamentally a lie,” Tlaib tweeted, in reply to both Tapper and Al Jazeera host Sana Saeed, who questioned the CNN host as well.

What did Tapper say, pray tell, that upset the anti-Israel, Palestinian apologist Tlaib? Nothing that would’ve upset any rational, objective listener.

Do you think Rashida Tlaib overreacted?

“You hear conservatives all the time — rightly so, in my opinion — talk about the tone set by people in the Arab world — Palestinian leaders, the way they talk about Israelis,” Tapper said during a panel discussion about hatred, white supremacy and the mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio.

“You can’t compare the ideology of Hamas with anything else, but at the same time, either tone matters or it doesn’t,” Tapper said.


If you’re still waiting for Tapper’s damning remarks or perhaps think you somehow missed them, don’t fret. Frankly, there’s nothing out of the ordinary to see or hear in that video.

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Tapper was simply doing his job and said nothing offensive or outrageous.

Mind you, this divisive nonsense comes from the same progressive politician who told an audience at Marygrove College in Detroit, as Breitbart reported: “Honestly, I’ve never felt more Palestinian than I ever felt in Congress.”

How dare Tapper exercise his First Amendment right to discuss Hamas, a Palestinian Sunni-Islamist group? The audacity of a TV host to propose a question to panelists — how could he? That is the reaction of Tlaib and other pro-Palestinian activists.

They twist Tapper’s words or those of anybody who doesn’t suit their narrative. Evidently, they couldn’t care less about America and Israel because they have their own progressive agendas to push at all costs.

As Omar has admitted, they want to be a thorn in President Donald Trump’s side.

Instead of doing their jobs on Capitol Hill in a constructive manner, Tlaib and her fellow Democrats insist on saying and tweeting detrimental things that undermine America and its citizens.

The drama queens are out in full force, and they won’t exit the stage until after Election Day 2020, if then.

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James Luksic has been a writer and editor for a panoply of publications and websites for 30 years.
James Luksic has been a writer and editor for a panoply of publications, corporations and websites -- including Montecito Journal, Dayton Daily News and Lexis-Nexis -- for 30 years.