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Tom Hanks' Act of Kindness Explodes After Feeding Hungry In-N-Out Customers

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It’s always nice to see celebrities doing their part to make the world a better place. They have a much more noticeable platform from which to stage pay-it-forwards or charitable donations.

Some high-profile individuals are well-known for their consistent support or creation of foundations to help the underprivileged, but then there are those who randomly pop up to do good, and you never know where they’ll be next.

Tom Hanks has made news many times for his unexpected appearances — and each time, his friendly attitude and approachable demeanor reassures us that he’s just a normal person like the rest of us.

For example, he likes Girl Scout cookies, too. In 2015 he was buying some cookies from a troop in Los Altos, California, when people saw through his flimsy disguise of a baseball cap and glasses, and realized who he really was.

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According to the Los Altos Town Crier, the star took photos with the girl scouts. When people around started recognizing and requesting photos, he acquiesced — under one condition: They buy cookies, too.

He’s not above noticing individuals or helping out a person who could use it. Later in 2015, he came across a lonely student ID, just lying on the ground in the park.

He Tweeted a photo of the ID, conscientiously covering the student’s last name with his thumb, and wrote that if the owner still needed it, he’d make sure it got back to her.

And who could forget the time he was a very welcome photo bomber for a couple getting their wedding photos taken?

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According to FOX 59, the actor was just out for a run when he spotted the two dressed to impress and taking photos in Central Park. He just had to stop and congratulate them.

He even took a selfie with the newlyweds and posted it on Twitter for all the world to see. Of course, the couple’s photographer caught a bunch of lovely candid shots as well, and the new Mr. and Mrs. can now remember their very special celebrity appearance wedding gift for years to come.

Hank is back at it again with an appearance at an In-N-Out on Dec. 21 in Fontana, California. He and his family had lunch inside, eating their meal like… normal people.

While he was inside, he talked and took pictures with the people who recognized him, and then went outside to pay for several peoples’ drive-thru orders.

His wife Rita was there, too, and she chatted with fans as well. Some have since posted photos of the interaction on their social media accounts, including a customer named Megan Pierce.

“He is such a nice guy taking pictures with everyone….he told us Merry Christmas ??,” she wrote. “And I went over and talked to his wife Rita while Tom took pictures with everyone!”

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