Tomi Lahren Unloads on California as New Sanctuary Law Goes Into Effect


Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren eviscerated California for enacting a new law that allows illegal immigrants sanctuary in the entire state.

Lahren, a Fox News contributor, blasted California’s government in her latest “Final Thoughts” segment.

“Welcome to the Golden State – a state that is not only perfectly ok with harboring and shielding illegal immigrants, but is actually proud of it,” Lahren began in the Friday video.

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“Thank you, Governor Jerry Brown, for reminding all Americans and legal immigrants that law-breaking, line-cutting and a general disregard for our nation’s safety and security is celebrated.”

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Lahren was referring to Senate Bill 54, a law that not only give sanctuary to illegal immigrants in a single city, but to the entire state of California. The statewide law bans local law enforcement from inquiring about a suspect’s immigration status.

“This new law is going to spread faster than California wildfires to the illegal communities. And what will it do?” Lahren asked her audience, while also noting that “California is going to hell in a hand basket.”

“It will open the floodgates for more illegal immigrants, more people living in the shadows, and yes — more crime. That means blissful Californians could be more likely to meet the same fate as Kate Steinle and Jamiel Shaw II — both killed by illegal immigrants.”

The conservative firebrand ended her segment by roasting California for so many of its residents choosing to leave the state for greener pastures.

“It’s absolutely disgusting. There’s a reason thousands of level-headed Californians are fleeing to other states. My goodness. Get it together, California.”

Lahren’s “Final Thoughts” touched on a major controversy plaguing the Golden State.

Passed by the California state legislature in September and signed by Gov. Jerry Brown in October, SB 54 went into effect at the beginning of this year and gives sweeping protections to illegal immigrants residing in the state, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The law mostly disallows local law enforcement officers from questioning an individual’s immigration status, and makes it virtually impossible for federal immigration authorities to do their job.

California Democrats have hailed the measure as a means to protect the estimated 2.3 million illegal immigrants residing in the state.

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“This was a hard-fought effort, but the end product was worth the fight,” Jennie Pasquarella, an immigrants’ rights director with the ACLU’s California chapter, said in a statement after the bill passed the state capitol.

Law enforcement agencies, however, have derided the new law as a major roadblock to fighting crime and stemming the tide of illegal immigration into the country.

“This bill severely undermines that effort and will make California communities less safe,” said Thomas Homan, the acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Homan added that California politicians had “chosen to prioritize politics over public safety.”

Passage of the new law has not gone without severe criticism. Anonymous pranksters placed several official-looking signs on the state border that describes California as an “official sanctuary state.”

The California Department of Transportation did confirm the discovery of five “sanctuary state” signs placed along state highways, according to the Washington Examiner. Transportation employees have been dispatched to take the signs down.

Although they appear to look like official metal signs, Caltrans spokesman Mark Dinger revealed that the signs are actually made of paper.

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