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If you’re a conservative and one of those individuals who hasn’t really looked into YouTube as a source of political news, you may be wondering what the top conservative YouTube accounts are. That’s doubly true if you’re looking into cutting the cord. And why shouldn’t you?

After all, we’ve gotten to the point where, if you were so inclined, you could pretty much subsist solely on YouTube for your entertainment these days. Far from the early years of poorly-produced shows featuring bad lighting, bad camera work and horrible audio, YouTube now features content produced so professionally some videos look like something you would see on TV.

While many cord-cutters choose to go with a paid source of content — like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu or a sports package — you could theoretically get by on just YouTube alone. Either way, it’s a useful (and free) adjunct for anyone looking to take the cord-cutting leap, and if you’re into politics, you’re probably looking for some of the top conservative analysis on the platform.

Here are our top conservative accounts on YouTube, in no particular order:

#1 Steven Crowder

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Steven Crowder is what one might call “conservative famous,” but he got his start on YouTube long before he became widely known. Check out one of his early videos on YouTube, recorded almost a decade ago when George W. Bush had just left office and Joe Biden was (sigh) our newly-minted vice president.

The production values were, shall we say, a bit lower than they are today, but his comedic instinct was always there. Nowadays, things look a little bit more like this:

Crowder was born in Michigan, although he has dual citizenship with Canada. He began acting as a child, having scored a role on the PBS series “Arthur” as the voice of Alan “The Brain” Powers, a highly intelligent bear. He would move from voicing anthropomorphic ursine creatures to doing stand-up comedy during his mid-teens.

By 2009, he was a popular panelist on Fox News, an arrangement which ended after Crowder expressed a personal appraisal of Sean Hannity that rankled some of the higher-ups. After that, he turned to YouTube and gradually increased his following, as well as making videos for various other sources. In 2017, he joined Conservative Review’s CRTV, where he’s made a name for himself with the legendary “Change My Mind” segments and plenty of other viral skits.

Of course, if you don’t subscribe to CRTV to see his show, there’s still plenty of free material on his YouTube channel. After all, it’s where he got his start.

#2 Ben Shapiro

What can we say about Ben Shapiro that he couldn’t say a great deal more rapidly? The quick-talking, clever pundit has maintained a healthy presence on the YouTube platform, including posting his daily podcasts (and clips from them) on the platform, as well as podcasts from other personalities from his Daily Wire website.

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And, if you don’t want to take in full podcasts, there are always clips, like this one of Shapiro destroying Democrats who got behind Peter Strzok after his truly weird congressional hearing:

If you think of Shapiro as a boy wonder, it’s probably because he’s been in punditry since most of us were trying to figure out what to wear for prom. A child prodigy on the violin, Shapiro later became the nation’s youngest syndicated columnist at the age of 17. After attending UCLA and Harvard Law, he founded media watchdog TruthRevolt and became an editor at Breitbart. He would go on to found the Daily Wire and subsequently leave Breitbart after a spat over the Michelle Fields situation.

Since starting his daily podcast, he’s arguably become the most visible conservative pundit in the United States. We’d tend to agree with this assessment — after all, pretty much everyone of a certain political stripe can identify the provenance of the quote, “Facts don’t care about your feelings.” That speaks to just how ubiquitous Shapiro has become in recent years.

However, he isn’t the only star in the Daily Wire constellation — as you’ll see in just a second.

#3 Andrew Klavan

Another member of the Daily Wire family, Andrew Klavan is an accomplished author and screenwriter best known, before his days of conservative punditry, for writing bestsellers like “True Crime” (adapted into a 1999 Clint Eastwood film of the same name) and “Don’t Say a Word.”

While Klavan has maintained a strong presence in the world of fiction, he’s best known these days for his foray into facts, particularly those that make the left uncomfortable. Even though he’s in Ben Shapiro’s stable, however, Klavan’s style is sharply different. Instead of the rapid-fire talking, Klavan’s bearing is far more avuncular and tuned toward the absurdities of leftism.

Take this clip on Cynthia Nixon’s recent decision to embrace socialism in her primary challenge to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo:

As you can see, Klavan doesn’t exactly give off the same sort of vibe that Shapiro does, but that’s quite all right. Anyone who’s going to mock socialism that sort of way — as well as pointing out the various absurdities of the left on a daily basis — deserves a look if you want to follow conservatives on YouTube.

Of course, there’s also some more humorous clips, like this one of him talking about the liberal ideal of equality.

#4 PragerU

Of course, no list of the top conservative YouTube accounts would be complete without PragerU. No, it’s not an actual school. Instead, conservative pundit Dennis Prager’s video project exists, according to its website, to “take the best ideas from the best minds and distill them down to five focused minutes. We then add graphics and animation to create the most persuasive, entertaining, and educational case possible for the values that have made America and the West the source of so much liberty and wealth.”

“These values are Judeo-Christian at their core and include the concepts of freedom of speech, a free press, free markets and a strong military to protect and project those values,” they add.

It’s not just Dennis Prager presenting these videos, either. Some of the top names in the conservative firmament — Jordan Peterson, James O’Keefe and Adam Carolla, just to name a tiny fraction of the list — have all made videos of their own for PragerU.

Take Jordan Peterson, for example, on ideologues in public and private universities:

Or James O’Keefe on the state of American media:

Yes, the videos are quick, but they’re informative. It’s something even the time-pressed can binge-watch and feel a bit more informed at the end of it all. The great irony of this is that PragerU has sued Google, YouTube’s parent company, based on YouTube’s pattern of demonetization of political videos — a suit that eventually got dismissed, although they plan to appeal to a higher court.

#5 The Roaming Millennial

The Roaming Millennial is a conservative vlogger of Eurasian descent born in Canada and raised in Hong Kong. You may think that makes her the ideal Democrat voter. Instead, she’s been a constant fly in the ointment for liberals.

“I’m a classical liberal who makes social and political commentary videos on YouTube that advocate for liberty, equality, logic over feelings, and personal responsibility,” she says on her Patreon. She adds, with a note of self-deprecation that while there’s “no set list of topics that I’m interested in,” she’s “hopped on the bandwagon of debunking social justice issues.”

While her past videos have mostly focused on political correctness, that seems to be changing to a more policy-oriented viewpoint since her move to CRTV. However, her YouTube account remains pretty active, and she’s still tackling cultural issues from a unique perspective you’re not going to get elsewhere.

#6 Candace Owens

A former liberal who started online mocking Donald Trump, Candace Owens has since become one of his — and conservatism’s — most vociferous supporters. Owens started the YouTube channel Red Pill Black in 2017, focusing on conservatism and issues of interest to the African-American community. She’s since joined Turning Point USA, a conservative group which aims to promote “true free market values” on college campuses.

Owens recently had her time in the spotlight when she not only met with Kanye West but got an apology from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey after the social media giant’s news feed called her a “far-right” figure. If you just want her commentary, however, there’s plenty of it to be found on YouTube, although she’s been less active as of late. One hopes that’s just a result of her recent Turning Point USA campus tour.

In any event, this is what you can expect from Owens:

#7 Project Veritas

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas is one of the first major uses of video on social media to make a concrete conservative change. O’Keefe began by making undercover videos with anti-abortion activist Lila Rose to expose Planned Parenthood. Those videos were released on YouTube, as was a controversial undercover operation against community group ACORN. Since his beginnings a decade ago, O’Keefe has helmed a far more professional operation, getting everyone from New York Times editors and CNN anchors to teachers union presidents on video saying damning things.

Pretty much every sting goes the same way. First, the institution targeted says that the videos are selectively edited and don’t really portray what really happened. Then the individuals involved almost invariably receive some sort of official opprobrium, up to and including firing. Which, hey, I thought that it was just selective editing?

#8 Diamond and Silk

Again, what can be said about Diamond and Silk? Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson — better known by their respective sobriquets — have been two of the most visible vloggers for President Trump on social media, so prominent that even Facebook felt compelled to take action against them. (On this point, Facebook executives ended up trying to defend their decision to flag the pundits because they “came to the conclusion that your content and your brand has been determined unsafe to the community” before Congress, something that made them wish they probably didn’t mess with them in the first place.)

They’ve even become popular guests on Fox News, as you can see with this clip of them opining on Peter Strzok’s testimony. (They thought he should have left Capitol Hill in handcuffs, which seems a relative unlikelihood, but one can dream.)

#9 Foundation for Economic Education

FEE is certainly a great deal older than social media, but it makes its way onto our top conservative YouTube accounts list because of its simple, brilliant videos explaining concepts related to freedom and economics in new, unusual ways. Take this clip regarding the closure of Toys R’ US:

This isn’t your normal fare. Nor, in fact, is their unique take on movies, called “Out of Frame.” In this one clip, they explain why the fictional country of Wakanda from “Black Panther” probably couldn’t exist in a world where you consider economic realities:

An interesting take indeed — and one of plenty thought-provoking pieces you’ll find at FEE.

#10 The Heritage Foundation

If you’re not familiar with The Heritage Foundation, it’s one of the most active conservative groups in Washington. Having originally come to prominence during the Reagan administration, Heritage is now a major player in the area of the area of policy research and activism.

“Free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense — promoting these principles is the mission of The Heritage Foundation, which we fight for every single day,” the organization’s website reads.

“As the nation’s largest, most broadly-supported conservative research and educational institution — a think tank — The Heritage Foundation has been the bastion of the American conservative movement since our founding in 1973. More than 500,000 dues-paying members support our vision to build an America where freedom, prosperity, opportunity and civil society flourish.”

How does that translate on YouTube? Some of it is longer policy discussions like this one about the progressive push to make the Brett Kavanaugh nomination to the Supreme Court as arduous as possible:

And then some of it is shorter stuff, like this one-minute video that expresses similar concerns about how the nomination is being handled with significantly more brevity:

So, have it your way — wonkish or viral. Either way, you’re going to get some of the freshest cultural analysis from one of America’s premier conservative organizations.

Well, those are our 10 top conservative YouTube accounts. Do you think we missed anything? Do you know of any up-and-coming YouTubers that we should be on the lookout for? If so, let us know in the comments. Until next time, happy watching!

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C. Douglas Golden is a writer who splits his time between the United States and Southeast Asia. Specializing in political commentary and world affairs, he's written for Conservative Tribune and The Western Journal since 2014.
C. Douglas Golden is a writer who splits his time between the United States and Southeast Asia. Specializing in political commentary and world affairs, he's written for Conservative Tribune and The Western Journal since 2014. Aside from politics, he enjoys spending time with his wife, literature (especially British comic novels and modern Japanese lit), indie rock, coffee, Formula One and football (of both American and world varieties).
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