Trump Continues Tradition of Giving Away Paycheck. This Time, It's Going to Vets.


What would you do with $1.6 million dollars?

That’s the amount of money that President Donald Trump is set to receive as his official salary during his first term, but he is keeping true to his word. Instead of pocketing the money, the $400,000 a year paycheck is being donated to worthy causes.

On Wednesday, the White House announced that Trump’s most recent paycheck will be going to assist veterans transitioning to civilian life.

President Trump will donate his 2018 second quarter salary to the Small Business Administration,” The Washington Examiner reported.

Small Business Administrator Linda McMahon explained that the $100,000 from Trump will help set up a training program that runs over half a year and helps veterans find success in the private sector.

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“We thank the president very much for this, and it will be put to very good use,” McMahon acknowledged.

This is the second time so far that Trump has chosen a veterans program to receive his donated paycheck. Already, he selected the Department of Veterans Affairs to receive $100,000 of his salary. The VA, of course, faced serious questions about neglect during the last administration.

No other president has donated their salary in this way. That fact seems to be at odds with the liberal narrative, which paints conservatives as greedy and money-obsessed compared to the “oh-so-generous” left.

Trump’s critics, of course, have pointed out that he is independently wealthy, which is certainly true. However, opponents of the president have also insisted that Trump is using the Oval Office to become more rich, a claim that was just blown out of the water by Forbes Magazine.

Do you approve of where Trump has sent his paychecks?

Although liberals wrung their hands over dire predictions of Trump putting his business empire above the country, it looks like the opposite is happening.

“President Donald Trump has fallen 138 spots on a Forbes list of the richest people in the U.S. since he launched his presidential campaign in 2015,” reported Business Insider.

“Over that time, Trump’s net worth shrank by roughly $1.4 billion,” the financial news outlet said.

Giving up his presidential salary is, of course, a mere drop in the bucket compared to Trump’s overall wealth, but these donations show that he was serious about keeping his promise and dismantle the worn-out liberal claims of conservative greed.

The left loves to portray successful businessmen as Scrooge McDucks, hoarding piles of gold coins and counting every last cent.

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In fact, the majority of businessmen use their hard-earned wealth to invest and expand, starting new projects and hiring more people.

Trump pledged to put America first, and the fact that he’s losing billions — not to mention handing over all of his six-digit paychecks — shows his true priorities. The president is far from perfect, but the idea that the only thing he cares about is money just doesn’t hold up under scrutiny.

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