Trump Destroys Far-Left Narrative, Admits Mistake on National TV


Let’s be honest: When you look up the word “humble” in the dictionary, there isn’t a photo of Donald Trump.

There’s no denying that the billionaire-turned-president has a high opinion of himself, which is easily confirmed by his past tendency to stick his name on everything from buildings to steaks. His opponents, however, have taken that trait and run with it, acting as if Trump is absolutely incapable of setting his ego aside or admitting a mistake.

That narrative was just destroyed. In an interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace set to air Sunday, the president openly conceded that he made a mistake by not clearing his schedule to attend a Veterans Day event last week, Wallace told Fox News’ Shepard Smith in an interview Friday.

“I should have done that,” Trump told Wallace, according to the New York Post.

Trump didn’t go into specific detail about what he was doing instead, but explained that he was working. “I was extremely busy on calls for the country,” the president said, which may refer to lengthy phone calls with foreign leaders.

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The president did visit Arlington this past May to mark Memorial Day. And in his first year in office, Trump was actually in Vietnam on Veterans Day, and took the opportunity to spend time with veterans of the Vietnam war.

After Trump made the decision to work through Veterans Day in 2018, however, liberals pounced on him and false rumors swirled that he was the first president to skip the Arlington memorial in 56 years.

However, as even left-leaning Snopes explained, several past presidents both Republican and Democrat have done other things on the Nov. 11 holiday.

“(T)hree out of the four presidents who preceded Donald Trump did not participate in the traditional Arlington Ceremony at one time or another,” that site admitted.

Do you believe it was a mistake for Trump to miss the Veterans Day ceremony at Arlington?

“2014: President Barack Obama spent Veterans Day on an official visit to China,” Snopes reported as an example. “1990: (President George H. W.) Bush spent Veterans Day weekend at Camp David, Maryland.”

It’s worth nothing that George H. W. Bush was, of course, a decorated World War II veteran himself, making the idea that a president having other plans on Veteran’s Day is automatically anti-veteran clearly ridiculous.

Memorial Day ceremonies at Arlington have also been missed by past presidents, including in 2010 when Obama went home to Chicago instead.

“In fact, President George W. Bush made alternative arrangements in 2002, as did President Bush Sr. on all four Memorial Days during his tenure, and President Ronald Reagan on four out of eight occasions during his two administrations,” the site continued.

The reality is that all presidents are incredibly busy, and must balance public appearances with the difficult tasks of the executive position. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t patriotic or are shunning veterans.

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Like other presidents before him, Trump almost certainly had good reason to opt out of the Arlington event.

By admitting that it might have been a mistake, however, he’s also reminded fans and critics alike that he’s human — and from a character who is often larger than life, that’s a breath of fresh air.

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