Trump-Hater Rick Wilson Ended Up Being Mercilessly Mocked When He Agreed to Wrong Interview


Trump-loathing Republican strategist Rick Wilson has proved to be a useful idiot.

The NeverTrump stalwart is still angry about President Donald Trump’s 2016 election win.

Less than four months before the 2020 election, Wilson’s The Lincoln Project PAC, which was formed last year by Wilson and several former President George W. Bush administration operatives, has committed to ending the Trump era in the Republican Party, and to electing former Vice President Joe Biden and handing the entire government over to the Democrats.

The Lincoln Project is best known for its scathing TV ads targeting Trump.

But if Wilson thought his campaign of vitriol against Trump would endear him to the left, he learned a tough lesson while appearing this week on CBS All Access, a video streaming service.

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Wilson joined CBS’ animated skit “Tooning Out the News” to discuss The Lincoln Project with cartoon anchors, where he was mercilessly mocked by a spoof show, an extension of the network’s “The Late Show.”

The animated skit, executive-produced by host Stephen Colbert, hilariously demolished Wilson.

Wilson was reminded by cartoon anchors that founding members of The Lincoln Project once were employed by the Bush administration, thus linking Wilson to the most recent Republican president, whom the establishment media decried as a racist authoritarian before Trump’s consolidation of the GOP eight years later.

“I’ve got to say, we really miss Bush. He always did what was right for the country, that country being Saudi Arabia,” one animated CBS anchor said jokingly to Wilson.

Do you think President Trump will be re-elected?

Wilson, though, at first brushed the jests aside and touted his PAC’s mission to end Trump, whom he called “the worst president in our history.”

Still, another cartoon news anchor hit the Trump critic hard.

The CBS All Access skit raised the issue of Trump’s supposed “failures,” which included “bad deficit increases, bad corruption, bad racism and bad countless deaths,” to those of the Bush administration.

The spoof show then compared those “failures” to Bush’s “accomplishments,” such as “good deficit increases, good corruption, good racism and good countless deaths.”

Wilson was not amused. He appeared to slowly realize that he had walked into a lion’s den.

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After airing clips on Wilson joining MSNBC panels in recent years, the animated lineup asked Wilson, “Rick, how rewarding is it to win over the people you’ve demonized your entire career?”

“You know what, the person I’m interested in demonizing right now is Donald Trump, and the person that The Lincoln Project is focused on is Donald Trump,” Wilson said, his patience obviously waning.

“And the fact is that Americans from all walks of life have recognized that we need all hands on deck in this fight to save this country. And you know what? Allies come from all different stripes and all different walks of life, and I’m happy to accept the support and encouragement from folks across the spectrum,” he said.

Wilson’s attempt at being viewed as a peer among his liberal hosts took another negative turn when he was grilled about previous comments he had made against leftist activists online, and also about his PAC’s financing.

The skit, which essentially was a setup to enjoy laughter at Wilson’s expense, accurately summed up his activism in a way that left him visibly displeased.

“Stop this corrupt grifter ruining America,” the cartoon anchors said in a reference to the Lincoln Project’s mission to take down Trump.

“Donate to these savvy grifters,” the anchors said in spoof Lincoln Project ad created by CBS All Access, which stated that Bush and people such as Wilson “ruined it [the country] before and hope you don’t look into them.”

Wilson, for the most part, was reduced to sitting expressionless by the end of the spot.

He was thoroughly embarrassed, and it was brilliant and worth a watch.

Public humiliation has become a common theme for Wilson.

Last month, he was called out for apparent hypocrisy on the subject of Confederate imagery when social media sleuths found he once apparently owned a cooler that declared “The South Will Rise Again” and included a Confederate battle flag.

Judging by Wilson’s reaction to being ridiculed on “Tooning Out the News,” the NeverTrumper doesn’t appear to have accepted that he is nothing more than a useful idiot for Democrats, with few allies outside of his small circle of fellow NeverTrump GOP holdouts.

You really have to hand it to the CBS writers.

While they are leftists aiming to take down America, the establishment media and its late-night warriors at least wear their colors on their sleeves.

Wilson, meanwhile, easily could be described as a traitor to the conservative movement.

He apparently hoped that his groveling to the establishment left would help him join the media’s elites.

He was wrong.

If Democrats do oust Republicans in November, Wilson will be thrown out with them, as was clear by the animated spot.

Even far-left comedians and activists reporters have little use for a man with no concrete principals and will cast him aside if he no longer is needed.

Wilson’s appearances on CNN and MSNBC throughout Trump’s term in office have seen him cozy up to the kind of far-left activists he once swore to fight against.

You get the feeling that by watching him on CBS All Access, Wilson was deflated to find that his tireless efforts to gain their approval have all been for naught.

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