Did Trump Make a Huge Mistake? Experts Say It Could Cost Him Big in Key State


Despite everything the left is throwing at him, Donald Trump continues to soar in the polls for the Republican nomination. But by snubbing one event in a key state, he might just have made a mess of things.

The Iowa caucuses officially kick off primary season. In order for any candidate to have a chance to win, it is almost imperative that he or she has a strong showing in the Hawkeye State.

However, in recent days, Trump doesn’t seem to have done himself many favors there.

According to the Washington Examiner, his first mistake was to bash Iowa’s conservative governor Kim Reynolds for staying neutral in the race. Given her popularity among Republican voters, many believe Trump’s comments were unwise.

Then, on Friday, all the key players in the Republican primary gathered in Des Moines for the Family Leadership Summit, hosted by Tucker Carlson — all except Trump, that is.

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The Examiner noted that many evangelicals were in attendance at the forum, a demographic that Trump needs to win in order to stay on top. By failing to show up to this event, he risks appearing as if he doesn’t care about the issues that matter to evangelical voters.

Bob Vander Plaats, president of The Family Leader, spoke about how Trump’s snub could come back to bite him.

“I think that’s a mistake of his because this is a very vital base,” he said. “This is a crucial base to win the Iowa caucuses.”

Vander Plaats added that evangelical voters “don’t like being taken for granted” and that while Iowa is still Trump’s to lose, the state is “tailor-made for him to get beat.”

Conservative commentator Steve Deace agreed that Trump’s absence from the conference was “a terrible mistake on his part.”

Meanwhile, Fox News is reporting that Iowa state Sen. Jeff Reichman has revoked his endorsement of Trump and now supports Ron DeSantis due to Trump’s attack on Reynolds.

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DeSantis has expressed his support and admiration for his fellow Republican governor.

Trump may have thought the race in Iowa was already won, but that does not appear to be the case.

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