Donald Trump Spotted in Syria, But It's Not the One You Think


To hear the liberal media talk, one would assume that President Donald Trump is widely despised by pretty much everybody around the globe.

The reality is that because of his decisive actions and strong words, Trump has gained fans and supporters all around the world, particularly within the war-torn segments of the Middle East like Syria and Iraq.

According to Fox News, a 40-year-old pharmacy drug representative in northeast Syria named Rezgar Ramadan is such a fan of the president that he renamed his young 5-year-old son after him.

The Kurdish boy was originally named Mustafa. But Ramadan and some friends realized the boy bore a resemblance to pictures of a young Donald Trump that were discovered shortly after the 2016 election. Thus, the man began to think about renaming him.

“The day Mr. Trump won the elections, I went to the pharmacy and people there had found a photo of him from when he was a little boy, and kept saying how similar his looks were to my son,” Ramadan rcalled. “So I went home and discussed with wife about renaming, and she was fully supportive.”

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The proud father explained how the boy has become something of a minor celebrity in and around the town of Kobane, and that his son was being taught to speak English while also learning about America.

In addition to going through the process of having the boy’s name officially changed to “Trump,” Ramadan and his wife have agreed to name any additional children after two prominent members of Trump’s cabinet, one current and one former — “Rex Tillerson” for a boy and “Nikki Haley” in case of a girl.

“I like Rex Tillerson because I like his character,” Ramadan said of the former secretary of state. “And Nikki Haley fights a lot for the human rights, and speaking out against Russia, who have been committing a lot of crimes here in Syria.”

But Ramadan is not the only Syrian father who has named a child after the American president. A similar thing occurred in April 2017 after Trump authorized the launch of dozens of cruise missiles against the Bashar al-Assad regime following the use of chemical weapons on innocent Syrian civilians.

Do you like hearing Middle Easterners making it known how much they appreciate President Trump?

The U.K. Telegraph reported at the time on a Syrian activist named Kassem Eid — who lives in Washington after being injured in a suspected 2013 chemical attack — who planned to name his son after the president if he ever had one.

“I am going to name my son Donald, if I have one. This man is a hero. He has balls,” Eid said.

“This will give people hope. It’s all about hope,” he said in reference to the missile strikes. “This is a game changer; it’s a new era that shows that America will actually do something. It shows there are real red lines in Syria. Like Donald Trump says, ‘This is huge’.”

Nor is the honorific confined solely to Syria, as an Iraqi Kurd named a young son after Trump shortly after the 2016 election, in expectation of the good that could come to the region by way of Trump, according to The Washington Post.

Hassan Jamil , a 25-yeard-old Kurdish Peshmerga fighter in Irbil, Iraq, was so enthralled with the promise of a new American president that, “I decided that if my wife gave birth to a boy, I would 100 percent name him Trump.”

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His wife soon gave birth to a baby boy who was named Trump Hassan Jamil, also known as “Little Trump,” and his father said, “What I like most and admire about Donald Trump is that he’s a confident man and a successful businessman. He became a leader because he has self-confidence; otherwise he wouldn’t be president.”

Whether it be Trump’s unleashing of the military to utterly destroy the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria, or his retaliatory strikes against Assad when he violates international norms, it is obvious why some Middle Easterners have developed a fondness for the American president.

As Trump’s efforts to stabilize the Middle East continue, we may hear more stories of young children being named in his honor.

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Ben Marquis has written on current events and politics for The Western Journal since 2014. He reads voraciously and writes about the news of the day from a conservative-libertarian perspective. He is an advocate for a more constitutional government and a staunch defender of the Second Amendment, which protects the rest of our natural rights. He lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, with the love of his life as well as four dogs and four cats.
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