While Trump's Getting Minorities Jobs, Liberal Whites Are Paying $2,500 Each for Dinner Lectures on Racism


The job market under President Donald Trump continues to smash records for black and Hispanic Americans. Despite this and other good news for minorities in this country, there are still those on the left who want to punish themselves for being white — and they are willing to pay for it.

At no point in our country’s history have there been more black and Hispanic Americans in the workforce. During the country’s current record economic expansion, minority women are also surging to work in record numbers.

A rising tide lifts all boats.

Trump has created such a positive job market that two minority women in Colorado are cashing in on white guilt, which is apparently a lucrative business in the Centennial State.

As reported by The Guardian, the “Race 2 Dinner” hosts up to 10 white women who are willing to pay $2,500 to endure hours of discussions about their subtle acts of racism.

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Instead of donating their time or money to actually helping disadvantaged minority communities, some woke white women are paying a substantial sum for self-degradation.

Organizers of the dinners, which are held in Denver and other major cities, aim to persuade their white dinner guests to “admit how racist they are.”

Attendees load up on pasta and are introduced to literature about toxic whiteness before being grilled by their hosts about their transgressions against minorities — one of which includes simply being white.

At the early dinners, things got out of hand with dinner guests crying and reportedly attempting “place their hands” on hosts Saira Rao and Regina Jackson. The Guardian reports that racial slurs were even used.

Would you consider spending $2,500 to be lectured about white privilege?

Eventually, Rao and Jackson found a better dinner model that does not rouse violence from guests and sets them up to more successfully combat their white privilege.

The pair hosts the dinners with the help of their white employees, Lisa Bond and Genevieve Swift.

After a failed bid to represent Colorado’s 1st Congressional District in 2018, Rao founded the dinner with Jackson, who is a lifelong political activist from Chicago.

Rao describes herself as “the daughter of Indian immigrants,” while Jackson, who is black, has dedicated her life to highlighting what she calls violence “perpetrated” on the world by “white people.”

Bond, the dinner’s “resident white woman,” says on the Race 2 Dinner website that it has taken her 30 years to become “committed to deconstructing her whiteness.” She says that despite her tireless work, she has always been racist, and attempting to fix that “doesn’t make her special.”

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So, why would anyone willingly pay good money to be tortured over the color of his or her skin? Rao told The Guardian it is because “wealthy white women have been taught never to leave the dinner table.”

Rao, who admits she “hates the American flag,” is active on Twitter:

Time will tell if Rao and Jackson’s business model will be successful. Fortunately for them, the economy under Trump is enriching people of all races — including women with white guilt.

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